Thursday, September 29, 2011

Charice's "New World"

*Thanks to my friend Jen for posting this on her FB wall.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Facebook Timeline

This is how our profile pages would look like by October 4.

But if you'd like to have it now, you can, just like me.  Be aware though that you cannot revert, at least not yet until October.  And that, people who hasn't made the switch will still view your old profile.

I already did mine and so far, I think it's cool.  That's my birthday picture and it's called the cover.  You can change it easily at any time.  I think this is cool since you can actually post a picture that you'd like to put as the cover.  Each of your entries are placed on separate boxes so you can easily determine your posts.  One thing that I think would need improvement is the arrangement of your timeline. Since it is arranged in two columns, it's somewhat confusing as to the chronology of the posts.  Or it might be that I am just still in the adjustment period.

As you can see on the right side, there are years and months and clicking them will take you to those posts and friends that you made for the month, which wasn't available with the old one.  It also gives you the info on which pages you liked for that month and how many friends have posted on your timeline.  The coolest thing is probably when you clicked on those years back.  I saw what I wrote last December 18, 2009.  My post was:  Che Baldemor thanks everyone who prayed with her during those times.  CTscan results came and I AM ALL CLEAR!  And this was very monumental for me.  I am actually glad to see this post and look back to that time.

It also told me the date I joined Facebook:  it's 17 September 2007.

There may still be a lot of new things that I haven't discovered yet; and there may still be a lot of new things that have yet to come.

In the meantime, I'm liking it and here's how you can get Facebook's new timeline.

*Thanks to my friend, Ethel for posting the CNN news about this topic on her FB wall.

A rare opportunity

I was off from chemotherapy for a longer time some time weeks ago.  I didn't have enough funds so I had to wait until we could raise the amount.  That was a good timing because I had to have my toenail extraction which could have been a bigger problem if I didn't deal with it right away.  Then, since I haven't been doing chemo, I could take off my mask even when there are visitors around.

And our friend Noneth got lucky.  She's been here on vacation for months and wanted to see me before she goes back in the States.  The timing was just right.  I was preparing for my fifth cycle when she asked BFF if they could come visit us.  She, together with my BFF, got a shot with me without my mask.

This is also one of the rarest times that I have a picture taken without a mask.  I think this is the second time.  The first time being my birthday, but that was fine because I didn't have visitors so it was okay, even if it was in between my cycles.

I long to have pictures with friends without my mask but that is not possible yet.  This could only be once I'm finally done with chemotherapy.  Right now, I only have two or three more cycles left.  My family, friends and prayer warriors pray for only one more.

I want to be done with chemotherapy before Christmas.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Charice

No, I am not a player the Final Fantasy game series. I think I would have been if I had a play mate back in those days when I still have my PS2. But during those times, I had no one to play it with so I just stuck with Need For Speed and have played Carbon and Underground. I haven't played anything since then.

I am posting this trailer not because of the game but because of song. If I'm not mistaken, it's Charice's latest song and the soundtrack of this FF series. I searched YouTube for the official video but couldn't find one. This is the best so far. 

*Thanks to my friend, Jen, for sharing this on her Google+ circle.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Something to learn about my frustration

I used to own a Nikon Fm camera back in college and was able to practice photography back then.  I filed all my negatives in a shoe box together with the information for each of the shots that I took (whenever it was possible).  But they're all gone now.  The big flood Reming took away a lot of my memories, this one included.

Read more about Something to learn about my frustration

Pasalubong #12

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hindi naman ito 'yung....

This is a very touching tv commercial that is a reality these days. No matter what we say, they are the ones who suffer.
The irony of it all is we adults think and say that we are really doing it for them. Yes we are, but there is a certain pain in their hearts that are brought about by our leaving, and this pain will dwell in their hearts long after we've come back home.

The guitar is not to blame.

You might not know it but playing the guitar is one of my frustrations. I remember when I was in grade school, my mom and dad got me a guitar because I wanted to learn to play. Later on, I joined our church's choir group so that I could learn more.

But admittedly, it seems that I couldn't. Until some time, I was blaming it on my short fingers. But then again, there are kids playing guitars that are not even five. 

Then, there's the blame on the big guitar that I got. I think I was supposed to get the smaller one for my age. But then again, I can see kids playing guitars that are even bigger than them.

In the end, I finally realized that at that time, I didn't have the patience.  

Maybe it's not just for me.

A good news and a few rants

I cooked chicken adobo the other day.  Nothing special.  But whenever I cook chicken adobo, it always reminds me of my room mates in Dubai.  Whenever we couldn't think of anything to cook and we have a chicken sitting in the fridge, they will request me to cook the chicken my style.  And when one of my room mates had to move to another place, she even called me one time to ask me how to cook it.

I forgot to write this down last week.  Before the week ended, we got a good news from DSWD.  A check is waiting for us.  We got the maximum assistance!  And it came right at the time that I really need it.

On Pilipinas Got Talent.  I haven't been watching the semi-finals but I did last week.  And for the first time, I am rooting for a singer, Muriel.  I just happen to see that this girl has what it takes.  Yun nga lang, sana doon na lang sa contest kung saan nanalo si Angeline Quinto siya sumali. 

My latest craving is priting dalagang bukid.    We've been trying to get it but it's always out of stock.  Ayoko naman ng lalaking dalagang bukid, masyadong matinik.

We've been spending less and less time with ABS-CBN and my latest addiction is "Hell's Kitchen," by Gordon Ramsey.  Yesterday, they're down to the top two.  Nona and Russel made it after Jillian and Trev got eliminated.  I really think that Trev sabotaged Jillian's scallops order because she's a threat to him.  But that was what took him out of the game.  Jillian is good.  However, her attitude when she was asked to supervise the kitchen was a minus point for her, and that was what took her out of the game.  She kept on screaming about the orders when all she could have done was wait for the chefs to finish their tasks.  Gordon was right the other day when he said something like it's not good when your talent is overcome by your aggressiveness.

According to my account with, I started "Story of A Soul" about a month ago, and still, I am not finished with the book.  But I've been back to my reading the past few days and hopefully I'll be done by the weekend.  If you want to check out some quotes from the book, you can visit my accout with Goodreads by clicking here, and if you want to see my notes about it, you can go to my book blog by clicking here.  I must admit that it was hard to read the book (not because of the fonts) because St. Therese's thoughts are really profound and most of it really requires some time to ruminate on what she's trying to say.

One thing I can say is, "Nature has its own way, if we are just patient enough to wait."

I am one of those people who will miss the teleserye, 100 Days To Heaven once it's done.

I haven't been following the teleserye Guns N' Roses but I was tuned to it last night for the ending.  Like many of you, I have a few questions about it.  How come Abel survived five gunshot wounds (more or less) and got away with the crimes he committed?  While Marcus was jailed for those that he had done?  I mean, I'm sure Abel has more crimes than Marcus though maybe Marcus would get a tougher sentence since he is a law enforcer.  But still, let's say Abel's gunshot wounds are really not that critical.  But how come he was out and not serving his time for the crimes he committed?

Yesterday, I suddenly remembered the Tootsie Roll lollipop.  That kind that you can't wait to finish because you know that a small piece of chocolate is waiting right at the center.  Why aren't they making it nowadays?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ang ganda talaga ng Pilipinas

This video reminded me of one of those bus conversations I had when I was in Dubai. This time it's with a tourist who rode the bus to look around.

She was seated beside me. The bus ride was long since I was coming from somewhere in Jumeirah and was going home to Al Qusais. It was like from one end to the other.

I guess she got bored and talked to me. I remember her asking where I was going and I said, "Al Qusais, that's where I stay."

"You live here?" I asked.

"No, I'm on tour." She told me the country she's coming from but I already forgot.

"How do you find the place?"

"Oh, nice, but there are just buildings. All I can see are just buildings everywhere."

She's on a round trip which meant that she doesn't get down until the end of the route, which also meant that I get down before her. And I remember this short conversation took me home, if only in my mind.

Because I know that here in our country, there aren't just buildings. There are many places to see.

Mountains. Sea. Rivers. Hills. And a lot more.

There is more to the Philippines than what we already know; there is more than those negatives that we have in mind.

If we only think positive of our own country, there are a lot more positive things than those of the others.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pamilya'y Naghahanda Sa 'Yong Muling Pagdating

"Tayo na't magsaya
Pasko'y narito na
Muling umuwi sa salo-salong saya
Pamilya'y naghahanda sa 'yong muling pagdating..."

No, I wasn't rooting for the voice. I was actually touched by the lyrics of the song. And it reminds me very well of my room mates and those millions of OFWs out there who couldn't wait to be with their loved ones this Christmas.

Coldplay - Paradise recorded live at Austin City Limits

I discovered this from my YouTube feed this morning while surfing. This is the first time I heard this song, and I like it. I have no idea if this is an old song or a new one. I should perhaps get myself updated with the trend these days. Well, at least now that I have the time to. I will be busy with a lot of things once I'm well.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The BER months and more

This BER months, we really should be careful and beware of robBERS.  This is their season of hunting for preys who are vulnerable to them.

I can't even remember when was the last time I ate shawarma, which used to be my staple food in Dubai.  I was surprised to see that here, those food servers are sweating their armpits out to slice the shawarma into very small pieces.  As in I wanted to say, maybe you should just put them in the grinder to make it easier for you.  I mean, you won't even see the slices anymore.  They already look like ground meat when they put it in the bread.

I'm giving that quiz show last Saturday a two-thumbs up mark.  I really think that we should have more of this kind of show and that they should only be shown on Saturdays, when school is off.  This is the kind that will motivate and inspire children to want to learn what the kids in the show know.  I really believe in learning by example.

In the news, this veteran news anchor asked his field reporter if there is a possibility of suicide bomber attacks here in our country during these times.  Mr. News Anchor, you are supposed to be more knowledgeable about the culture of suicide bombers compared to ours.  Filipinos are happy people.

So, that's the catch with Flickr.  I got a notice the other day that I have already uploaded 170 images in my account, and that once I hit 200, I'll need to upgrade to PRO, or else, I'll only be able to see my most recent 200 photos.  Oh well, I'll just get on with Bloggers' Picasso for my individual images and back to My Multiply for my photo albums.

After seeing the commercial, I just had this idea that this show "I Dare You" is simply a re-make or a revival of Paolo Bidiones' and Ethel Galang's "Extra Challenge."

Somewhere in the north, an alcoholic master has an alcoholic dog.

Alex Santos, bakit umo-OA ka yata these days? 

Who wouldn't love her wit?

*Thanks to Dottie and Ethel for sharing this on their FB wall.

Photo of the week: Sep 19-25, 2011

Iko-Iko One Week

Iko-Iko One Day - Dixie Cups

This song should start our week happy.

*It says this is a rare clip, and I believe it is. I just hope this wouldn't be taken out anytime soon, or any time at all. I've been seeing a lot of videos on my lists that has been taken out recently. And honestly, I really don't understand the infringements at all. Or probably I just didn't want to.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


In that "Ally McBeal featuring Vonda Shepard" album, this is one of my favorites. This makes me tap my fingers and hum to the music, because I couldn't memorize the lyrics. However which way, the song still makes my good mood even better.

*This is the only video I could find of this song. Don't worry, there's nothing wrong with the YouTube screen. It just really doesn't show anything. Clicking on 'show more' will give you the lyrics of the song.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wasn't she beautiful that day?

Our Lady of Ina ng Awa by Che Baldemor

Our Lady of Ina ng Awa, a photo by Che Baldemor on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
Since I couldn't make it to the feast day and the procession, it was my sister who did the pictures.

This was taken minutes before the procession started.

More pictures here.

Full Moon Over The Lost City

Full Moon Over The Lost City by Or Hiltch
Full Moon Over The Lost City, a photo by Or Hiltch on Flickr.
This could have been one of my firsts travel destinations had I stayed longer in Dubai. I find it one of the most fascinating, mysterious places in the region.

Not to mention the fact that they offer seat sales every so often... LOL

Has it been 100 days?

Well, I've been vocal about my following of the teleserye, "100 Days To Heaven," and this time, I think everything is starting to unfold.  My guess was right that Sophia is Anna's daughter.  I tweeted it discreetly a long time ago.  And right now, I think the end is near.  And I know I'm going to miss this show once it's done.

No offense meant to Vice Ganda's fame, but I think the Ambi Pur's toilet commercial is pur ka-plastikan.   I can't imagine those socialites entering that kind of toilet.  Everything is just so fabricated.

Hulaan ninyo kung anong teleserye itong punong-puno ng panlilinlang?  Panlilinlang sa kanilang mga sarili at sa kanilang mga manonood?  Tumpak!  Walang iba kung hindi ang "My Binondo Girl."  I was really so disappointed as the story unfolded.  I really had high expectations for this show because I started to like Kim Chiu when I saw her performance at that MMK episode with Edgar Allan Guzman.  I know this girl can act.  And to think that she's with Gina Pareño and Ai-Ai Delas Alas who are both my favorite.  And among those leading men, Mateo's role is the most dispensable.  I mean, I don't know what is his role all about, really. I don't like Jolo Revilla but it seems to me he's the best among the three and the one who can act.

Still with My Binondo Girl.  Cherry Pie Picache's role is so low... and I mean really down low.  How low can one get?  This is your family's business, your family's legacy.  It took several generations for the family to establish its legacy and she'll get down low just to ruin Jade's reputation to her father?  To the point of ruining their business' reputation?  C'mon, people.

My day yesterday did not start right.  I woke up early dawn with stomach pains.  I couldn't really find out where it's coming from.  The way I feel it, it's like a diarrhea that doesn't want to happen.

I want to learn how to cook potato salad.  But I don't want to rely on those online recipes because sometimes some of those ingredients are not available locally.  Can you send me your home-made recipe?  That one that doesn't need sour cream mix from the supermarket?

This was playing in the air this morning..

And last night, at the news, they said that it's only 100 days before Christmas. Talaga! I was really surprised! Ang lapit na pala ng Pasko! Kaya pala nagkakagulo na ang mga tao sa Divisoria...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wednesday after the fifth cycle

I have been sleeping a lot.  Even my BFF was wondering because she called several times and I was sleeping at all times.  I was sleeping profusely for the past three days.  It's like I just get up to eat some dinner and then get back to sleep again.  For those three days, I was only eating Columbia Garden's chop suey and turon from the streets.  Well, I actually found out that Columbia Garden still has the best chop suey in town, not to mention the good price.

It was only yesterday that we got to talk again after I got discharged from the hospital.

Breakfast sucks!  I wanted so much to eat longganisa but I couldn't.  It's not that the longganisa was bad.  It's my taste bud.  If I haven't complained too much about it with the first few cycles, I, too, am wondering, why it tastes so bad at this time.

I was so pissed off that I asked my sister if we can go to McDo so I can eat.  But when I got there, I couldn't eat the fries.  She left me there for some errands and by the time she came back for lunch, I only had choco fudge.  Then, we saw some students eating those chicken strips and I thought I started to drool.  So, I asked her if she can get me one of those.  But then, again, I could only take two spoonfuls.  So, I ended up going home eating only a few pieces of french fries, choco fudge, and two spoonfuls of rice with Chicken McDo.  Boohoo!

Boyet wants to visit me, but I still can't since it hasn't been two weeks.  But I asked him if we can go to the mall and he'll treat me with some french fries from Potato Corner.  He bought me that the last time he came by and I loved it.  But since it hasn't been two weeks yet, I told him I'll just text him when we can finally go.


That tribute by the Happy Yipeey Yehey! trio for the Miss Universe the other day (09/13/11) was not a tribute but something else.  If I heard it right, it was like they were mocking the other contestants who did not making it to the pageant.  And really, if what I heard from them was right, I am really ashamed of you, people.

Someone told me that I should update my BlackBerry 8700 because I haven't been since last year.  He said that if I don't, some of the apps might not be available after some time.  And he was right!  I couldn't get a third party app for Twitter for my unit.  It's a good thing though that my Facebook app is still running.  But seriously, I don't really need the function these days, especially if it's an 8700 that you're dealing with.

Another thing is that I think it's going to die on me anytime soon.  While using it, it suddenly turns off for no reason at all.  And it looks like there is a loose connection between the body and the battery pack.  Oh well, I've had some good times with the phone in 2009 and I guess it was my best friend during that time.

It's the Feast of Our Lady of Ina ng Awa today

Our Lady of Ina ng Awa (Our Lady of Sorrows)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pasalubong #9

Pasalubong #9 by Che Baldemor
Pasalubong #9, a photo by Che Baldemor on Flickr.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Say it either way...

"Say all you have to say in the fewest possible words, or your reader will be sure to skip them; and in the plainest possible words or he will certainly misunderstand them."
~ John Ruskin

Sunday, September 11, 2011

On this fifth cycle, I get to choose my room

I guess this is what you get when you believe that "things happen for a reason."

I wasn't able to get admitted on my scheduled day because the hospital was full.  They were giving me choices that I didn't want to take because I didn't want to take chances.  Either way, I mean, putting me in either a more expensive room or a cheaper room doesn't make any sense to me.  The end point, if none of my preferred room vacates the next day, I'll be left with no choice but the take the more expensive, solo room.

So, I waited, and by the time I was to get admitted, there were a lot of vacant rooms that I asked the nurse if I can choose Room 310, if it is available.  Well, after four cycles and four different rooms, this was my favorite among them.  I was happy to know that the nurse said I can take that room.

Anyway, the fifth cycle started at about the same time as it did before.  The funny thing is I woke up after about a few hours to find out that my BFF was there and was chatting with my sister.  I knew she wanted to make it by the time the cycle started but her chores and the weather were two things that couldn't make her come.  So, by the time she made it, I was half-way on my cycle and was fast asleep.  I saw here dressed in her gym attire and she said she's going to lift some weights after.  Another funny thing is we both wanted to have a long chat but I was too damn sleepy.  She left and I was fast asleep the moment she's gone.  There's no problem though. I know we could catch up by the time I'm home.  It's just that you know, sometimes between best friends, there are some funny stories that could not seem to wait.  LOL!

Somewhere along the cycle, the drip went off and we had to call the nurse to fix it.  I guess I was moving too much.   It was kinda messy since the back flow was more than I expected, and it was out of the line so it was all over my sheets and on the floor.  It's a good thing, too, that it wasn't the needles that was taken out.  That's what I would really hate when it happens, and I will probably hate myself for being not too careful.  This is the first time it happened and I think the next time, I really should be more careful when I move. 

I guess I wasn't in the same mood as I was during the fourth cycle.  I took less pictures this time.  And I chose to stay more inside the room and rest.  But it's not like I was feeling weak or something.  I wasn't just in the mood.  I guess it might be the weather.

By the time we got home yesterday,  my mind was still thinking of watching a DVD, but I was too sleep to do so.  So, I was off to bed til dinnertime and was off to bed again after dinner.  I could have eaten more daing na bangus but since I intend to sleep again shortly after, I just ate enough to fill me in and so that I could take my meds.

Fifth cycle done.  Thank you for all your support, prayers, emails and words of encouragement.  You are, again, my angels here on earth.

I used to be crazy about Artstart

Lani's Dream - Artstart

I just remembered this morning that I used to be crazy about this band called, "Artstart" with Pido as the lead vocals. There's a venue somewhere in Greenhills, near the lone "ACA Video" there where we used to go to come Friday nights or Saturday (I really forgot when). And yes, we all came all the way from Laguna just to watch the band play. I've also forgotten how many weekends did we go there until we said that we've had too much but it was some Fridays, I can tell.

I also remember buying their self-titled album which contains this song. I don't remember them playing this song onstage, but this has become one of my favorites from the album.

What I remember them playing was "September" and other EWF hits plus some of Side A's old songs. There were other songs, too, that makes us stand up and dance, and that's what we liked about the show. I guess that was the start of the live bands era afterwards. It was a night of fun and music together with my friends who love the band, too. There were a few attempts to get close to them after the show, but we never made it that close for picture nor an autograph.

I wonder what have become of this group.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Story Behind the Cardigan

Remember this post? What about the cardigan?

This is actually one of the items that my friend has listed in her eBay account.  If you've clicked the link that would take you to the listing, you will find it somewhere in the description that the proceeds of the sale will "go to my friend who is undergoing chemotherapy."  And... that's me.

Apart from this cardigan, there are a lot more items that she's put up for sale.  Some came from our friends.  Some came from those unclaimed items from her dry cleaning/laundry shop business.  You can find those other items here.

A few days back, my friend told me that her buyers told her that they hope somehow they were able to help in some way.  And I say to them:  Your purchases were able to help me in a million little ways, and thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.

Since I haven't met them, this is my way of thanking them with all my heart for helping me.  These are those people, so far.  I've intentionally excluded their last names for the purpose of privacy.

  • Irish - Fairview, QC
  • Estella Marie - Angeles City, Pampanga
  • Mark Joseph - QC
  • Albederol - Cebu City
  • Edward - Las Piñas
  • Guia - QC
  • J. Apalla - Nueva Ecija
  • Helen - Tacloban City
  • Iryn - Cainta, Rizal
  • Ma. Elena - Mandaluyong City
  • George - Pasay City
  • Annika - Makati City

It never fails to make me cry

Learning to Breathe - Switchfoot (A Walk To Remember)

This is one of those titles that I saved from my video shop before I closed it down. A sort of a souvenir. Not to mention that I really love the movie. I can't remember how many times I've seen this movie. And in those many times that I've seen it, it never fails to make me cry. 

I read the book and I can say that the story was a lot different and it's very hard to reconcile their endings. I should say that this time, I like the movie's version more than the book's. 

The book was a birthday gift given to me by a college friend who thoughtfully sent it to me through courier. And I'm sad to have lost the book to a friend who borrowed and never returned it. 

*Thanks to my FarmTown friend, Mary (Pangkin), for sharing this video on her FB wall.

Happy Birthday, Mama Mary!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pasalubong #8

Pasalubong #7

In Theathers This September

And I'll be waiting for this to come out on DVD. There are so many movies that I've been wanting to see.

And since I can't go to the theaters, I will have to employ the help of the DVD player. And I don't think it will not complain if I get to see one movie a day. 

Oh, if you have some movies that you can loan me and you live nearby, please lend me. I'll promise I'll take care of it like it's my own and will return it in no time at all.Remember, I used to own a video shop so I know how I need to be careful with your DVDs and to return it once I'm done.

It is amazing to get connected

I discovered a Tumblr blog authored by a 19-year old who is suffering from Spinal Muscular Atrophy. He says this disease will eventually kill him.

Like him, I suffer from a disease, cancer. Like him, there is also a thought at the back of my mind that this disease will take me out any time.

Like him, I love laughing.

He just posted the video above saying that this is one of his favorite songs. And this brought me back in time. I suddenly remembered that I used to like this song. I even recorded it on one full TDK-60 cassette tape (my favorite brand) so that I didn't have to push rewind-play-rewind-play every time the song finishes.

It is amazing how getting connected to a stranger makes us connect ourselves to our past and to those memories that once made us happy(or sad).

No vacancy

My admission last night at the hospital did not push through because the hospital was full and there weren't any discharges due at any time.  So I will have to wait today to see if there will be anyone who will be discharged today.

I am neither happy nor disappointed though.  These days, it is easier for me to accept things as they happen because I have learned that things always happen for a reason.

And one of the good things is that I get to enjoy one more day of good food!  It's not that the food around here are not.  It's just that food do not taste good once I have my chemotherapy.  And it goes like that for a few days.  Even longer days these days since after the fourth cycle.

We didn't cook dinner at home, so, after we left the hospital, we ate at Jollibee.  And I was really happy.  Events like these don't happen very often these days.  It's either I am out with my dad or with my sister, but not with both of them at the same time.  And this time, we were with my Tita (my mom's sister) and my BFF.  I was really happy.

Not to mention that earlier, before we left for the hospital, the people from the hospice were at home, too, for their weekly visit.  I can tell that they are happy for me, that I am having my fifth cycle already.

But our chat was cut short because my BFF - who will take me to the hospital - arrived with one of our balikbayan classmates who wanted to see me before she left.  I was happy to see her:  I wanted to see her, too, to thank her personally for the help she sent months before.  She brought me some fruits and a pasalaubong.  

She wanted us to eat somewhere first before I go to the hospital but I declined since I was not so confident about the time.  Had I known that there would be no vacancies at the hospital, we could have just dined out instead.

We have yet to see if there would be any vacant room today.  If there is, then my fifth cycle will push through tomorrow.

Isang Litrong Liwanag

Mang Demi Solar changes lives by lighting up homes. And this change comes from an empty bottle of soft drinks (soda) filled with water and a little amount of Zonrox.

*Thanks to Analyn for sharing this video on her FB wall.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things - Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music

"When the dog bites, when the bee stings
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad."

Monday, September 5, 2011

Swing Out Sister - Breakout

This song has been one of the most popular music during our college days. I remember when we went to see the group's concert at the Folk Arts Theater.

Some people were dressed in their best party clothes and it was just a concert.  I was actually surprised to see them in their preppy clothes while most of us were just dressed in our regular clothes.

Well, the concert was so good, anyway, no matter what our dresses were.  And it actually didn't matter.  We all had a good time singing and dancing to their songs.  I guess their one of the most successful and talented groups during our time.

A few days before my fifth cycle

Although it is not really protocol that I visit my oncologist before cycles, I went there last Saturday.  First is because my hemoglobin is not within the normal range; second is, I felt the need to show her the present condition of my wound after the extraction.  
The normal hemoglobin range is 12-15 and my result was 11.7.  My oncologist told me that it's okay to go on with chemotherapy at this point.  So, I'd be off for my fifth cycle of chemotherapy next week.  But this time, I will be admitted on Tuesday evening(instead of Monday) and chemotherapy will be on Wednesday.

After that, we had lunch and I asked my sister if we can go to Video City to check if we can apply for membership and rent out some DVDs.  I was actually surprised to find out that their collection of titles are quite old.  Or maybe the new ones are all rented out?  I was and still a little nostalgic because I remember those days when I still own a video shop.  Some of their titles were as old as my video shop and those were some of the title that we really mad money out of...  like Jumanji, While You Were Sleeping, etc.  It wasn't hard to apply for membership.  We got it in a jiff.  Rental rates are:  Php 16.00 for VCDs and Php 18.00 for DVDs.  I got "Salt" and "The Departed."

The Guns N' Roses - which stars Robin Padilla and Bea Alonzo - teleserye is probably the shortest running teleserye ever made.  (Correct me if I'm wrong).  I accurately remember "100 Days To Heaven" started May 10. 2011 because that was incidentally the start of my first chemotherapy and Guns N' Roses started weeks after.  And now it's ending by September 12.  If it started June, the teleserye only made a run for three months.  Probably the rating is not so good.

I want to see how James Soriano looks like.  I imagine him as a coño kid from one of those posh villages based on his article, "Language, Learning, Identity, Privelege."  Just in case this won't work in the future since The Manila Bulletin actually deleted it after it created reactions, you can still as-if read the article on this link which actually edited his article: "Editing James Soriano." And if you want one of the best reactions written on his article, try "The Filipino is Multilingual" which I think is a very good piece.

An officer and a warning

I can still vividly remember that day that I was out for an errand.  It was after nine in the morning and the streets were quite busy.  It was at the intersection of Salahudin and Hamarain.  I crossed the lights ever so carefully as I always do when I am on the streets.  I am not concerned of police fines; I am actually afraid about my life.

I came from across Al Warqa Mall at Salahudin  going towards it while another Pinay was coming from Hamarain street going towards Al Warqa Mall.  I reached the stop light in front of Al Warqa barely a few seconds ahead of this other Pinay when I saw the police man called her.  I turned my head and kind of glanced to at least have an idea what was that all about  But I was inconveniently at a distance where I couldn't hear what was it all about.  I sort of waited for a while to see what will happen.  I was afraid for the other Pinay, because I didn't think she made any violations when she crossed the street.  I could say that I was a little nervous, because she's a kabayan and anything could develop out of that situation.

After a few minutes, the Pinay was told to go.  When she was in front of me, I started to walk with her and asked what that was all about.  Still a bit nervous, she said that the policeman told her that she crossed with the red lights still on.  And she said she did not.  I don't know who to believe and who was actually telling the truth though.  After that, we parted ways and I was also still a little nervous about the whole thing.

That told, it didn't matter to me who was telling the truth or not.  It was a lesson learned for me.  I began to get conscious of cops when I cross the streets of Dubai.  Because instead of feeling safer when they were around, I felt otherwise.  And as I approaced a pedestrian crossing after that incident, I trained myself to look with my peripheral vision to check if a cop is around the area.  If there was one, I would avoid him by walking down a little bit more towards another pedestrian crossing, where a there was no cop.

Had I been in Dubai these days and after reading this news yesterday, I would have been even more cautious.  Because this time, this is one sick guy posing as a cop just to lure someone in his car and rape her and rob her afterwards.  And he's not finished at that.  He even got the lady's mobile number and told her that he will call her when he needs her again.  To make things worse, when she reports to the police, he twisted the story saying that she is his girlfriend and that she was asking a huge amount of money from him.

The case is now being heard at the court.  But then again, whether the Pinay wins or looses, she has already been violated and nothing could change that.  Again, this could be another empty victory for an OFW who was just trying to make a living in another country.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Super Bass cover by JAPS

At first, I honestly didn't think she is Pinay because I didn't really know her.  I was having doubts that she is by the looks of her.  But not by the way she sings.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Some postcards from all over the world

These are just some of the thousands of secrets posted to

0:33 - This is for my BFF.
0:43 - "Being able to survive it doesn't mean it was ever ok."
0:52 - So, that's what they call 'coin slots.'  hahaha
2:33 - May this serve as a warning.
2:50 - I wonder if this is true.... And it might really be true.
3:17 - There is something deep inside me that understands him/her.
4:27 - For my mom!
4:50 - *
5:12 - This is for many of our Kabayans  out there.  I know how hard it is for you.

*I intentionally left it blank for you to fill in.  

Thursday, September 1, 2011

DudayMind: Post #3

  • Dad came home a few days ago with a news.  One of his friends' wife has a cyst in one of her kidneys.  She's on medications right now to see if it would work without her having to undergo surgery.  The first thing I asked was how many kids they have and what are their ages.  It really saddens me if I hear that they have very young kids;  they may be old enough to understand what's going on but I don't think they are old enough to endure the suffering.  
  • It might be old but when I saw Sarah Geronimo sang and danced this song in one of ASAP's re-runs, I knew that there is something in Sarah's voice that is extremely different from Angeline Quinto.  Not that I am comparing them.  And also, not that I am a fan of Sarah nor Angeline.  It's just that I saw and heard a lot of articles trying to compare them.  The thing is they are incomparable to me.   Oh, and this song also reminds me of my sister and I's friend who is now in Jordan.  She used to attend my sister's aerobics classes and she's a good dancer.  I wouldn't forget that she visited our house a few days before she left for Jordan.



  • I think there's something not right with the new Jollibee's breakafast meals commercial.  The spiel says:  Chicken sausages with pancakes.  And I really think it should be pancakes with chicken sausages.   
  • I keep on forgetting this and maybe if I write it down here, I'll always remember it afterwards.  Ano ang tagalog sa kulay na "orange?"  Ang sagot:  KAHEL.
  • Somehow, even if there is Facebook and other sites to remind me of a friend's birthday, I still feel a very deep, sentimental feeling in putting my friends' names on their dates of birth in my diary/organizer.  I do that every year. 

  • I was exchanging tweets with a friend from Dubai and our topic was the show, "Happy, Yippee, Yehey!"  She was agreeing with me when I told her that Rico J. Puno does not belong to the show.  That eventually went to the games.  I told her that "The Toot Game" and "Tanging Hinga Mo" are just glorified parlor games.  I told her that when you watch the show it's just like attending a kiddie birthday party... without the food. 
  • It's kind of annoying for me when I see people on Facebook who posts quotes and not including the names of the authors.  I don't know what their reasons are but I find it basically rude not to give credit to the right person.  If their reason is just to make it look like they were the ones who "coined" it, hello, don't you guys realize that somehow, your friends will read it from somewhere else complete with the author's name?  But if your reason is that you just don't know who wrote it and it's not you, just put "author unknown" or anonymous.  The issue here is respect. 
  • This is a late reaction.  No matter how I tried to liberate my mind, I still find the Mideo Cruz paintings offending.  To put it in a simply, it's like defacing the image of your father.  And I wouldn't want anyone defacing my dad's picture in any way. 

Gearing up for my fifth cycle and more

So it was a long weekend for those who are in school and those who are working.  Too bad it was a wet weekend that I guess not a lot of you were able to enjoy much of it.  I, on the other hand, never felt the joys of this time and I really wish I have.  Maybe I will once I get well.
Again, with the help of my friends, I am gearing up for my fifth cycle.  I am doing my lab clearance tomorrow, but as of this writing, I feel like changing my mind.  I think I'm going to do it today.  If it doesn't rain within the next hour, I think I will.  To all of you my friends who have sent something for me, my sincere thanks.  You are all my angels here on earth.
My sister has added zumba to her aerobic classes and of all the songs and routines she practices, this is one of my favorites, and this is the only one that makes me get up and do the moves with her.  Yes, I dance with her once in a while whenever she plays her zumba songs.

If you only know how much I miss going to the movies.  There are a lot of movies that I wanted to watch these days.  I actually have two more movie passes from my Laguna Life work and haven't used it.  I was almost tempted to ask my oncologist if I can go see a movie at the theaters.  But I held back because I was assuming she would still say no.
If things will be okay, I'll be confined again by Monday next week for my fifth cycle of chemotherapy.
I miss KFC here in the Philippines.  Their chicken - the original flavor, the gravy and the mashed potato.  But back in Dubai, my favorite was the twister.
The wound from my toenail extraction has finally healed.  I could never find the words to describe how nervous was I after the day it was taken out.  I was so effin' scared that it might get infected that I was so nervous the day after the extraction.
A friend called me the other day to break some good news.  When I asked her where she was, she said she was having coffee with another friend at the mall.  I miss having coffee with them.  She invited me to join them, but my back pain was just too much that day.
My doctor-friend told me that this effin' spondylosis is, in our language, rayuma.  And I am really thankful that it was just that.  I was worried that it is something else that would again need medical attention and it's really one of the things that I do not like right now.
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