Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Thin Line... Again

Too much to read lately, too little time to ruminate and absorb.

I have posted this article a few days ago, not making it longer since [a]my thoughts seem to have been absent the past few days [b]many would think I am pathetic [c]just being busy reading. I subtly said that reading it might 'ease up the tension a little bit for those who are misled and misinformed... like me.'

The swine flu. I just see this as a media hype, like I used to think about the SARS virus years ago. I didn't want to say things first lest I will be branded as pathetic or something like that. Also, I didn't want to talk about it until I have some facts that will support me.

The culprit was the news I heard over the radio on my way home. In Germany, two Germans were confirmed dead due to swine flu. But guess what? They have just been to Mexico... So, if one person from each country went to Mexico and came back to their home country and died because of the virus, does it really make it a pandemic? I mean, I am not really knowledgable about these things, but I just can't see the point.

I hear it, the media will say, 'we are just warning the world/people/society.' Yeah, right. But there is the THIN LINE... again... And now, it lies between information dissemination/warning and scare. The funny thing is, it's also a rippling effect. The media overreacts, the people overreacts - even more. That's what happens.

So, I suggest you watch this video and sit back and really think about it. This is in addition to the article I posted in the link above. For all we know, this might be another SARS hype. I was really pissed off on the way they sensationalized SARS back then. And right now, I am freakin' fed up of all these swine flu virus sacre... and it hasn't been declared a pandemic yet. As one news said, it was declared on number 4, 2 points short of being a pandemic.

Oh, and here is another link.

And, here's the video:

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I had a nice, long chat with a friend a few days ago. She was doing her laundry at that time and she said she'll brb to put some softener on the tub.

When she got back, I asked her what softener does she use, then ask why. So, you must have figured based on the second question that I do not use softeners. Yes, I don't.

I just don't get it... I just felt like it's just something to add on your grocery list. So, since this is a friend that I know I can argue with, I asked her to give me three reasons. Her first reason was to eliminate the statics, in which I asked her to expound more. After she did, I asked her if this is the same static that we get when we get near the t.v.'s picture tube back then, in which she said yes.

So, I bought my first softener this weekend to use with my laundry.

That is because I can't help but imagine this: When I am somewhere like the bus stop, and someone with long hair gets close to me, her hair might end up rising and sticking to my clothes. You can't imagine how funny that is, right?

So, I figured at least this is one reason enough for me to buy it.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cross-blogging errors

I was able to successfully find out that cross-blogging thingy again and activated it. But as you may have observed, apparently there is this diamond character that appears on those posts that I cross-blogged. This didn't happen before it was taken off recently.

I know I mentioned some pros and cons about Blogger and Mulitply. But just about last night while posting, I realized there is something else that I missed, and it could be one of the most important things. The Draft Autosaved. Multiply doesn't have this function, making me write my post on my Office Notes then copy and pasting it. I have experiences of creating posts that disappear after hitting the 'publish' button, discovering only then that I got disconnected. One train of thought down the drain. And sometimes, it felt like there were a lot missing on the next draft, and it feels like it's never the same.

I'm keeping account of the pros and cons, and if this error continues, I might as well decide on things. My LiveJournal is already out of the list since I couldn't activate the cross-blogging to that site. One main thing is because most of my friends do not have this account, too, so they can't see the updates. I'm patiently taking my time on this. And currently, I am also Tweeting!

Twitter. At first, I thought it is not for bloggers like me who wants to write long posts. But after 'testing the waters' [borrowing Tonie's phrase when she twitted the other day], I found out that there's something else I can be good at at the site: making short, concise messages.

Let's see what happens next.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Half-Music, Half-Life

*got this from Manny's page.

I am an '80s fan, but there's a lot more on my file. �Let's see what music says about my life...�

Here's what you'll do:

  1. Put your MP3 player, iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on Shuffle.
  2. For each question, press the Next button to get your answer.

If someone says 'Are you okay,' you say?
>> Don't Know What To Do - Ric Segreto
Ooopppsss... �Really?

How would you describe yourself?
>> Happy - Lighthouse Family�
Hahahahah... I guess this is true at the moment

What do you like in a girl?
>> Keep On Dancin' - Gary's Gang
Well, what can I say? �

How do you feel today?
>> Too Close - Next
Feels soo good when you're really close....

What is your life's purpose?
>> Faith - George Michael
I'm starting to get goosebumps now...

What's your motto?
>> Right Here, Right Now - Jesus Jones
Is this really true? �Or someone's just playing a joke on me... is it you, Manny? �LOL...

What do your friends think of you?
>> I Can See Clearly Now - Johnny Nash
Hey, my friend... tell me about this, please.

What do your parents think of you?
>> Frankie - Sister Sledge
Wait a minute... �is there a webcam here or something?

What do you think about very often?
>> Shooter (clean version) - Lil Wayne Ft. Robin Thicke
Really? �Like Achmed..... I Kill You? �hahahaha...

What is 2+2?
>> Tonight I Give In - Angela Boffill
I guess my math teacher in Grad 2 is totally wrong! �hahahahahah...

What do you think of your best friend?
>> On My Own - Les Miserables
Awwww.... I miss the company.... really! �Though I know she's just there.

What is your life story?
>> �I've Finally Found Someone - Bryan Adams & Barbara Streisand
LOL... that means it's not over yet.... yahoooo!!!

What do you want to be when you grow up?
>> Keep On Dancin' - Gary's Gang
What? �I have two files of this song? �LOL...

What do you think when you see the person you like?
>> I'm Not Gonna Cry - Mary J. Blige
Uh-oh... it's either I am too brave... or too stupid? �LOL..

What will you dance to at your wedding?
>> Be Like That �(acoustic) - 3 Doors Down
Yeah, right... Be like that... �as for the lyrics, you say your piece... �I'll take it.

What will they play at your funeral?
>> Do You Really Want Me? - Robyn
Hmmm.... Either way, I have to ask if they'll take me? �

What is your hobby/interest?
>> Stay Awake - Ronnie Laws
Yeah right... too much to do, too little time...

What is your biggest fear?
>> The Music Played - Matt Monroe
Haahahaha.... This one I should say.... I didn't get it...

What is your biggest secret?
>> Another Day In Paradise - Phil Collins
LOL... it was really paradise...�

What do you want right now?
>> Here Comes The Sun - Hit The Boom
Yup, because it's so cold here in our room

What do you think of your friends?
>> Harana - Akafellas
Errrr.... Can't connect.

What will you post this as? �Half-music, Half-Life
Some are true, some aren't, some don't connect at all... �but really, I like the thrill... hahahahaa...

Old School?

As some of you may have observed, my trip for the past week has been the radio. I'm telling you, I am enjoying it. First two days, I glued to one station which actually plays music from different years, not entirely '80s. Then, I thought of scanning the waves for more english stations. Honestly, I have always believed that DJ's choices affect the rating of the station. I found and saved like seven or eight stations. But still, I couldn't stick to them long enough for a ride to or from work. I always go back to that one which I found first. One cool thing is they stick to their slogan, 'More Music, Less Talk,' which is actually cool since less commercials and less conversations from 2 DJs.

This led me to a whole new set of songs that I hear every now and then, and which I have posted the past few days. But there's one thing that this station is offering. They have this contest. The jockey will read a part of a song, then listeners will send the title and the singer of that song. This is usually in the mornings, on my way to work. Two or maybe three days ago, the lyrics was:

If I ran away, I wouldn't have the chance to go very far
How will they hear the beating of my heart
Will I grow old, the secrets that I hide, will they grow cold...

You remember this song? The singer?

Anyway, this song on the player is one of the songs from the '80s that I wouldn't forget. It's a one-hit-wonder but whatever, it was a smash and they never do it quite this way again. Call me old-school, but I think the '80s songs rule!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Little Wonders

  • I've been feeling quite a little exhausted lately. I am not sure if it's from lack of sleep or just that I am having busy days. Either way, I look forward to weekends so I can wake up a little later than usual and just stay home and do house chores and all. The wonder of it all is that I feel refresh after the weekend. I'm still wondering if our boss will give us the Saturday off.
  • The Mill on the Floss is interesting. Though I must say that a there are a lot of distractions lately that I am really going too slow in reading it. Just the same, I have been putting off "Twilight" since I started on "One Hundred Years of Solitude" but couldn't get myself to engage in it all throughout. Also, I stopped reading while on the bus. I started to listening to the radio, instead. I'll get on again with it probly next week.
  • I've been hearing this song more often on the radio the past days. I kinda liked it the first time but I didn't get the title, until today. I was thinking that probably - because of the airtime it's getting - it's the DJ's personal favorite. One thing I like about tuning in to the radio [with the '80's orientation] is that it refreshes me of those songs that I've known but have quite forgotten. This one, I am sure it's not the '80s but it caught my attention at one time or another.

A lot of little wonders everyday... if we just don't make ourselves too busy to notice them.



I've closed this deal after about a month. Well, half-closed in the middle of April since one member's health card was already approved. The other one was requested for tests to rule out some things. I was a little apprehensive that he wouldn't do the tests since he was asking me late last week that I was making it hard for him. I reasoned that the application is already out of my hands and with the medical underwriting department. It's a good thing it was a weekend. I think he found time to do the tests.

Anyway, I have one pending client which I called today. This is a bigger deal since it's a comopany of ten members. He said he wanted to put it off for a month before making any decisions because of the current situation. I didn't need to ask myself if it was true because I could sense it in his voice. I have been assisting this client since last year and doing policies for him since and I know that he's telling the truth.

Oh well, who doesn't feel the crunch anyway... But I've really seen this client grow big and I feel good that he was doing good since. There just might be a small issue that he needs to attend first.

I'm off to bed early today. I still feel tired.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Too Tired

Mimi finally left for Pinas for her vacation. She's going to be there for about two months. I helped her with her final packing which is like she just started… hehehehehe… Oh well, she's been one of my comfort zones here in Dubai and it's kinda sad that she won't be around for a while.

But anyway, I couldn't get to go the airport with her anymore because I am too tired already. Too tired to think, too. I'm off to bed now… I just didn't want to miss posting these two good songs I heard today...


Monday, April 20, 2009

Pinoy Sunday

I was again at the Sheikh Zayed area for a policy requested by my client there. Honestly, I get a little excited when I know that I'll be going to the area. Because, of course, I will see again the Burj Dubai (currently the world's tallest tower). At the bus stop, you can see this HUGE thing. But as I looked closer, I was like… hmm, it's been more than a month that I have been here and I feel like there's not a lot of improvement. Remember I took a shot of the tip of the burj? Well, there weren't many changes, so I opted not to take a photo.

For a news about Pinoys in Dubai: Alleged robber was desperate for money.

Yeah, I know, I was frustrated when I read that the suspect is a Filipino. The funny thing is, on my way home from that bus stop across the street [which is a longer route], as I was walking, I was thinking: is it still safe here? I didn't have to worry that much since our place stands just behind one of the community's largest and most-visited supermarket. But then, as I was reading this, I think I have every reason to doubt. And the more reason to worry, since it's one of us that's involved. And I think it's not impossible that another Filipino will strike another Kabayan. Oh well, one of the reasons why I like it here is the fact that you can talk on your mobile while walking and not worry about snatchers. Oh well… I think it's getting tough everywhere.

Anyway, this 2-day-no-job-weekend did good for me. I feel a little relax and well-rested today. I really hope that my boss would reconsider giving us the Saturday off to give us more time to relax. Hehehehehe…

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I write about everything. I write about my chat with friends, what I did this morning, my moods, but I don't write about my conversations. First reason is, I rarely have conversations these days. Second is, I don't normally talk about them, giving reverence to it even if it's just shallow. But just this once, I will give in to a request.

Someone, ironically, told me once, she read it that: The word LIE sits within the word BELIEVE. I said, 'oo nga ano?' And eventually, this same friend lied to me about her flight back home. But that's another story.

We all lie. But how much can we tell and how much can we take? How can a lie be something that makes you live?

We can only take too much, we can stretch to make room. But at the end of the day, it's still LOVE at the end of the line. The way they make us laugh like no one else ever did; the way they make us feel like no one else ever did. So, we ignore the lies and see HOPE. We start believing that HOPE is like a light at the end of the tunnel. We can also take hope as a wind we can ride. Hoping things would change like the winds shift their breeze and we can just switch our sails to go on and shift sails as the wind blows.

Compromise. Will you settle for a compromise after being lied to? Is that really how much we love? How deep we fall? How far we will go? How high we will climb? All for the sake of saving a relationship? All to go on riding high with the feelings they make us feel?

I said, "Compromise hurts."

She says, "No, it doesn't, it's just a wake up call to a relationship, a warning."

Oh well, we don't even know if it made sense. Sometimes, it's as if nothing seems to make sense at all in this world. But then, it's a conversation. Something with someone that you won't be afraid to say what you feel, what you like and not worry about what the other will think of. It's the kind of thing that you don't get with coffee shops, night clubs, bars, and what not. We all are afraid to get into a conversation these days, because sometimes people think that if we do not agree, then we shouldn't be talking and at the same time taking it a little personal. But, what is there to talk about when you agree on things? Like "yeah, that's right… I agree." Then, that's it, you take another sip on your coffee and hope that by the time it reaches your gastro either of you would have thought of another topic… that you can agree upon. Oh crap, best foot forward… all the time… uch! That sucks!

We all are looking for love. We all are looking for someone to love us and someone who we can love, too. But what if sometimes, some look for someone who can give something for love? Then it all becomes different. It becomes a lie more than a truth. It becomes a want more than a need. And it hurts like hell when it goes this bad, right? But we pick up the pieces, alone, in the dark, hoping a friend to be there. And I say, but this I didn't get to tell, for this came upon me while I was taking a shower.

At the end of the day, it's not about what you have and what you can do. It's just about being there.

I know she knows that, too. But as my boss once told me, "Sometimes it is good to have someone to bounce it off to. Even if you already know."

It seems endless, yeah, because it is. The spontaneity of it all. But I leave you with this [this is a pretty good question] in which we [again] disagreed on a lot of points:

If you have a month to live, and you've seen your girlfriend/boyfriend with someone, but she's trying and showing that she wants you or need you… will you let her go? Even if in fact you know the that someone is just a necessity for the time-being?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sense of Sensitivity

A few weeks ago, I discovered the Google Reader and was able to learn a few things about it; like sharing articles, having RSS of my favorite sites, tagging articles that catches my fancy and reading newspapers here, back home and CNN and BBC. All in one page. Also, I could follow those blogs that gets my interest right there in one page. Then I discovered this blog: Secret Dubai Diary. I followed this page thru RSS on my Google Reader. A few days ago, there was an entry from this blogger about Dubai. I've read about and thought I'd visit the actual page and get the permanent link so I can share it with you guys. But, when I clicked to view the page, it was blocked. The blogger commented that it is "probably the best article ever written about Dubai." I am sure that you are wondering what the BEST means here. But since I said that the side is currently blocked, I am sure you have an idea what it means.You can try viewing it here, on my shared articles at this site and see if it loads from where your part of the world.

I normally put the quote at the end of my posts, but this time, I'll put it here. I am not sure if I did post this already, but here goes:


"If you lie down with dogs, you'll probably get up with fleas."

- James Patterson
- 1st To Die

You might find this a little odd but, one of the promises I made to myself when I was just adjusting here is that I don't want to acquire the accent. And I am keeping my promise, so far. I do not have any particular accent that I do not want, I just don't want my accent to change. I HAVE a FILIPINO accent and I want to keep that until I return home for good. As for the attitudes, like the ARBs (Angst-Ridden Bitches) that I have talked about on this post, I definitely swear this is the level that I do not want to go down to, Filipinos and all-races alike.

I can lay down with dogs, that's fine... as long as they don't have fleas. But since I think I am now lying down with the dogs with fleas, I need to protect myself not to acquire their habits. This brought me to remember the chat I had with my best friend about two or maybe three weeks ago. I think I told her about one of my qualms about a lot of people here [again, whichever race] about being insensitive. I remember her telling me that I might end up like them also, losing my sensitivity. I assured her that I still have it, all intact. She reminded me not to lose mine. I remember her exact words: "O baka naman mawala 'yong sa 'yo."

I'll be with Dostoevysky for the rest of the night [and later a prayer that because of this post, I hope my blog won't be blocked]

Copy me on QRT.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Read Mode

I wanted to post more. But I don't want to lose this mode right now. I have been putting off this book for far too long. So, I'll take advantage of the fact that I am so much into the groove to finish this thing off.

Anyway, here is one of the things he said...


"It's life that matters, nothing but life -- the process of discovering, the everlasting and perpetual process, not the discovery itself, at all!"

- Fyodor Dostoevsky
- The Idiot

Monday, April 6, 2009


My day didn't start right. My colleague insisted that he borrow my phone just to give one of my his clients a miss call since his calls were not being answered. I told him I only have AED 1 and will still have to text back home. He kind of insisted and thinking that I didn't want him to think that I am selfish, I lent him. But the call was answered an he stayed with his client for over one minute, leaving just 30 fils on my balance. He was telling me not to be angry. But how can I not be? I told him this isn't about money, but it's about trust and his integrity. Then I kept quiet. But we were civil and I can't help that.

But my lunch was great, though. Mimi picked me up at the bus stop to bring me along to one of her friends who cooked spaghetti (yahoo!!!) I guess Mimi knows how I love spaghetti that's why she brought me along. Since it was lunch break, I had time to like go around with her to do some shopping for a PSP. For some of you who are thinking of buying one, please take note of the refurbished ones. You can actually recognize a refurbish console just by looking at the silver circle at the back. Refurbished ones are metal green and the original ones are pure silver. This is good for those old models (the thick ones) who is not so much available in the market but is so much in demand.

Then, late in the afternoon, came another bad scene. But I choose not to talk about this thing because I don't really feel like talking about it because it makes me feel reclusive.

I had to take a different route going home since I had an after 6 appointment which ended about 7.30. But this had a good effect on me. Having such a day, I need to cool down a little bit so this route kinda helped. Of course, where else but the creek it would pass. I was actually on the thought of taking off somewhere at the creek - the part where I am alone - so I can deal with how bad I felt. I was even thinking if it's possible that I can shout out load how pissed off I am and I actually felt like crying. But I didn't, so that means I can still tolerate it. I started telling myself that this is all but temporary.

During this reclusive mode, I thought of calling friends; anyone from here with whom I can vent. But since I didn't have enough load (which was because of my 'good' colleague), I couldn't. I just kept on telling myself that it would pass.

But as you all may know, we all have angels, and they are there every day... yes, EVERY DAY. As I was getting off the bus, I saw Mimi! She went home with me and I vented while she takes in some macaroni salad. I felt better having seen her; much more having talked to her. The good thing is that I didn't have to call her and there she was at the bus stop and was actually trying to reach my mobile so that she can come visit my place.

Anyway, the last angel would be my room mate. He came at about 11 and actually told me that he'll cook spaghetti so don't sleep yet. Thinking that I have already turned down several invitations from him, and spaghetti being my favorite, I gave in and waited till he cooked the sauce; re-heat is what I mean, actually.

So, then, reclusive mode is over. Shit happens right? Oh well, so much for this rant...

Copy me on QRT.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Where I Am

  • Being a Saturday, I went home early. I took the bus that stopped nearer; just so because it was the first bus that came while I was waiting. But I also want to take this route every so often because it snakes its way beside the creek which is one of my favorite places here. As we entered the creek side (which is called Baniyas Road), I sensed that there was something different. My mind begun reviewing my past trips on that route. I thought hard because I really want to confirm that there is really something wrong and that I am NOT just imagining things. Then, almost halfway through, it came to me. I could see these abras (boats) clearly. The difference before is that back then (I think about a year ago) I couldn't have take a look at those abras because of loads and loads of cargoes - tires, appliances, tanks, boxes and boxes of who-knows-what. I have always wanted to see those very old abras (and one time I even want to shoot pictures) but couldn't because of these merchandises. Then, of course, we ask questions. Like how is it possible now than before? It didn't take long for me to answer it myself. Less and less demands since more people left the country already.
  • The route also passes by one of these malls/centers. It was a red signal so I had some time to watch people who came in and got out of the mall. One group of women [there are about five of them] was just about to enter the mall. All of them were in their black abayas, happy and gay and chatting. I watched them happily, too. Because lately, it is very seldom that I get to see a group of women wearing abayas. As they entered, I began to wonder: they are all in black... how do they recognize each other since I cannot tell myself how they all look like? I know they know. It's just that I just thought and wondered.
  • A year ago last April 2, I would have completed one year here in Dubai. But since I went home and came back November 2007, I am taking it as my official one-year-date here. Well, I just took note of that because of the weather. I think March and April's weather are probably the best of the year's weather. This afternoon while walking home, I was feeling relaxed and cool since the air is still colder. A lot of times I don't feel like I am here at all. It's probably because of the routinely day every day that makes it not-so-out-of-the-country feeling. Sometimes, I have to look around me to see the dates and the customary Arabic architecture to remind myself that I am where I am currently. It's not that I don't miss home, I do, and a whole lot lately. It's just that my feeling is like it's all the same wherever you are - you got to ride the bus to get to work, you got to work, you got to get home, cook your own food, do your laundry and all. Oh well, what difference does it make? Gotta work...

Mood Music:

This one is my sister's all-time-favorite. When we go to videoke bars years ago and she was teased to sing just one song, she used to say she will only sing if this song is on the list, which never was, until a few years after. So now, she sings. I'm glad that it made it on the list. That's because I've always wanted here to sing... to have some fun singing.

Never Ever - All Saints


Just one quick point for you to ponder today:

"A round man cannot be expected to fit in a square hole right away. He must have time to modify his shape."

- Mark Twain

*took this out of my 'quote for the day' feed on my blogger page.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday's Done


Friday is over again.  I can't believe it is over, that quick!  Well, it's going to be over no matter what.  So what's new...

Again, I just stayed at our place.  I just had coffee for breakfast because I am too lazy to go out to buy some bread.  For lunch, we had paksiw na bangus and sinangag (perfect pair), which is our leftover rice that I cooked Wednesday night.  Funny but rice doesn't spoil easily here than back home.  I've always wondered whether it's because [a] the rice is jasmine rice and that's not the kind of rice we have back home; [b] the weather here; or [c] there is less pollution here than back home.  But it definitely favors us since we cook rice here good for as many days as it can last...  Shucks!  Am I lazy or busy?   For merienda, we had our native dish, lomi, but instead of mike, she used pasta courtesy of her friend.  I actually do not see any difference between the two, but Anita [my room mate] said, she's not going to use it again [I guess she's referring to the brand] because she said it feels like chewing gum.   That was really funny the way she said it.

Anyway, I have my Yahoo messenger finally working!  I don't really know what was wrong since every time I download, it goes through.  Installation was fine.  But when I launched, it disappears.  I gave up for fear of accidentally removing important files upon removing the application and downloaded and installed Trillian.  I used to have this back in the '90s.  It works perfectly fine but the problem is, I can't share photos, couldn't see the invitation to join conferences and I guess some more features exclusive for the YM.  So, having the whole day to go online, I did try and make it work!

But, I swear this is the last time I am going to stay this long online.  Tsk, I have to get back to my reading!  I have a couple of books next in line both hard copies and e-books and I can't wait to get my eyes on them.  The trouble is I am getting engrossed on surfing and getting used to the Google Reader that's why I am so distracted.  So, I told myself to fix a schedule so that I could spend more with books.  Later on, I will have to squeeze in watching movies somewhere within the week.  This is also one of the things I enjoy doing that I had to put off for a while.  I just feel like it's about time I get back to it.

I am looking towards a busy week coming.  I found two Pinoys who are actually good samaritans and is not even hesitant to entertain questions no matter how basic or stupid, or as they said, somewhat off-topic.  Frankly, these two broker relations officers motivates me.  Well, don't ask about the others, because I am not too fond to talk about them.

For some of you who are interested with some posts about my reading, please click here. But I am not promising a masterpiece.  hehehehehe...  

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Round The Bend

Yesterday, I posted a photo of the house on the corner of the street where I now live. That is the site I see around the bend coming home. I guess the wedding is over and the lights are gone, so, it's back to a normal house.

This tree below, however, is what I see on the other corner, around the bend, when I go to work in the morning.

I know there is nothing peculiar nor significant about the way this tree looks like. It's an old tree outside a house: that's it. But every time I see it in the morning on my way to work, it makes me reminiscent and hopeful.

Reminiscent of my home back home surrounded by trees, an a lot more of the plant family; from the phylum, class, family, etc. One significant tree is in front of our house, though. It is called the memory tree, given to us after our Mom's service when she went six feet under. I used to think, "as if it can take her place." But through the years, it serves it purpose, holding true to its a.k.a. name.

Hopeful is the part I could not very much articulate. It just gives me hope, period. And for some reason, one windy morning, the leaves, twigs and buds of this tree (on my way to work) sways and sang its own tune. That even added up to the joyful hope for yet another day.


Well, I wrote this this morning on my writing pad on the bus. You see, my travel time to and from work is around one hour. I sometimes sleep. But during those times that I couldn't- which is more often than sleeping - I always had to do something. I guess I got tired of my sight-seeing, so middle of last year, I was into playing games; then got tired of it. Then late last year, I got back into reading, until early March. Because I felt like I am tiring my eyes too much, I dropped doing it at the bus. Then, this morning I was in the writing mode so I did...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Rant

It was unusually cold yesterday (because March is not that cold anymore here) so I was feeling cool walking on my way home from the bus stop. I got into the picture-taking mood so I took out my camera. I wanted to experiment since I have always known my camera's weakness is darkness and it was almost evening - too late to call it dusk I guess. This was on the corner of the street where I now live. Well, when you see houses covered with lights, this means that a wedding is going to be held soon. This is one of their traditions. This evening, I was surprised to find the lights are gone - removed. I was kinda glad that I didn't put off my photo-mode yesterday.

I called up a client to ask how things are and that if he has any requirements. He said that he needs Keyman Insurance because he is being required by the bank as a pre-requisite for his loan. Not being so much aware of this type of insurance, I called companies who are providing this cover. Luckily, I found one, but the reply on my mail said that it's a bank facility. So, I figured there is something wrong. It's either the insurance company doesn't understand me, or my client didn't understand the bank. I wanted to find out more from the client, but am a little apprehensive that he might get offended, so I am thinking of a way how to say things right. I'll find a way til Saturday.

My sim card has to be renewed before the 4th. I have been thinking about shifting to another provider (and I did think hard about this). For days, I am trying to figure like pros and cons, this and that. Finally, I decided to get another number from the other provider and still keep the one I am using, and diverting it to this new number. One significant reason for this decision is that this new one charges calls per second instead of home minutes. Pretty cool - austering nowadays - who isn't anyway. I wanted to get the same set of numbers, but the promo ended. But it's still cool: the last three digits are my birth month and day... 801.

My havianas broke! Geesh! It's just sooo new... two-and-a-half-years!!!! Pretty cool huh! I initially didn't want them when it became a hit in Pinas. But my dad and sis insisted they bought me one as a gift (awwww....) and I loved it ever since. The thing is.. it's not easy to find it here... not as easy as Crocs which you can find at mall kiosks... So after all these years, it's going to be on my wish-list? But wait... do you think I can buy just a pair of straps? Because it's still perfect to me.... C'mon... Was just wondering... Gotta save, right?

Anyway, Thursday tomorrow... WEEKEND! Laundry... oh well... what else is there to do, anyway...

Copy me on QRT...

Angst-Ridden Bitches

Warning: Vent Mode

They can be a bitch and you are just patient with them.... again... and again... just whenver they feel like it. But be a bitch to them - just for once - and they will take it against you forever.

Moral Lesson:

Be careful of these bitches. Always remind yourself (as in always... yes, bring a bagful of patience) not to go DOWN TO THEIR LEVEL. Because you have to be born one TO BE ONE!

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