Tuesday, October 30, 2007


PAndesal, KApe.... at butter...

My usual breakfast. I guess most of my breakfast.

I have been drinking coffee on this mug for seven years. This was a Christmas exchange gift I got at the turn of the millenium and I feel good that I still have it.

It has been the same for the past seven years, except for the pandesal. A week or two ago, the PISONG PANDESAL IS GONE (as they said at the headline news). A piece of pandesal is now at Php1.50. But you know what? From where we regularly buy during mornings, it's still Php1.00. I don't mind it being smaller, at least it is still piso. Years ago, I used to love this revel bar from our local bake shop. Then they had a price increase. But the odd thing was it also got smaller.


I'm really a little nostalgic lately...

What memory do you have of this song?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Reminds Me...

i'm looking into a calm weekend. the last day of the campaign was yesterday, so it's a more peaceful Sundaym since no more vehicles would be passing by the house blasting songs and speeches and whatever. But tomorrow being the election day, I guess today is going to be the calm bofore the storm... or better yet, the eye of the storm.

And I am right... I woke up and it was rainy. Had a long, good sleep after last night's visit to a friend's dad who just got out of the hospital.

The cats are on their usual slumber, just like this. I feel better now afer days of intermittent attacks of dizziness. Yesterday's blood tests proved normal levels which was no cause for alarm. I felt better later in the day so I decided to unearth some of my memoirs from the past years, but that's another story. What interested me was the DJ on 99.5 radio station asking listeners to call in and say what the song she's playing reminds them. And right now, I'm adapting it on this post. One said it reminds him of a friend who taught him to smoke pot, the other of a palarong pambansa... two contrasting memories. I can't remember the song though.

Let's use our right to vote, no matter what state our country is in.

Friday, October 26, 2007

At Last... KOMIKS!


My sister went home last Monday with two of my most-awaited KOMIKS! I was only half-glad though because I was really hoping for the first editions. I got hold of FUNNY KOMIKS and KLASIK KOMIKS, their third series, volume 1.
The cover was glossy but the pages inside are still the same; it still does its wonder of getting the inks on your fingers as you leaf through the pages. The inside front and back gets the advertisements as usual, as well as the back cover. But everything I think is the same.

I am not really aware of the stories yet. I have been suffering from dizziness since Sunday morning and couldn't keep up with my reading and blogging. I'm a little bit okay at this point. I've started to compile and outline my project essay, and a little dizziness on the side which is perfectly manageable. But I have to rest now and then, role my eyes as if an expression of disgust, to make sure that it doesn't climb to the next level.

Since I'm preoccupied (notice I didn't say busy… I hate that word, actually.) with the project I am on these days, I'll leave you with a glimpse of what you'll find inside.
The funny thing came when I started reading. I laid down on the couch assuming the best position and expecting a marathon. I started with the first page, setting aside the fact that I have no idea what happened previously. I was done on the first story, which is again, to be continued and was beginning with the second story. I dozed off. LOL! Later that night, it was my sister's turn. She, too, sets off with the best lying position. She started with the other one that I chose to read for later. She hasn't even finish reading the first story and she, too, fell asleep.

I realize that this might be a better solution than any of those sleeping tips.... LOL! I guess I'd spare the rest of the pages for those times that sleep seems to evade me.

Monday, October 22, 2007



Last Week's Party

Mid-week. During the middle of the week, I confirmed with Mimi that I am planning to go back by November so I called her long distance to tell her to have me booked by the middle of next month. I specified this time because I counted (ooopppsss if I have told you this already) and I don't want my 60-day visa change to fall on that week of Christmas and New Year as I don't want to spend a single day of that week on that depressing island. I would know by Friday if she has already confirmed a flight for me or not. But chances are, I'd be leaving by the second week of November, because she says that we have to avoid the first week to make sure.

Later that day, it was one of my friends' birthday. She's Neneng, my high school best friend's sister, Pinx's high school classmate. Pero if you'll think about it, this history doesn't have anything to do with how we got close. Tipo the friendship doesn't date back to those years pero you still do not discount the fact that it has something to do with how you were tied up by those facts. Well, it was a dinner party with her other set of friends and her close relatives. Actually we were expecting to be home by midnight which was usually the case during birthday dinners recently. But then, with the videoke machine dominating the occasion, it turned out that we stayed longer than the usual. Her other friends brought in some booze and my group decided that it wouldn't be polite to leave and not join their concept of fun. So we did, and we found out that all we had to do was sing our hearts out and get a bottle of beer, and that's it. LOL! It was fun as it is, them being with their drinks and us with our off-key voices on songs that we wanted to sing and a lot of guts to sing it. But that's alright, we were just there for the fun and that's exactly what we had.

It was 2a.m. when we strongly asserted that we had to go. Funny but some of them were just starting to have fun. Good that we succeeded and sending our message and off we go to home and sleep.


A touching story from my LJ friend Vina's blog.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Komiks at ibp.

I am losing hope that I'd be able to get a copy of this thing that I have been waiting for. It was September 14 when they said they'd launch the comeback of what used to be one of the Filipinos' favorite past time - KOMIKS. Every Friday after that date, I would ask the biggest newsstand in our town if it's already in their stock but apparently, it's not.

I wonder. It might just be available in Manila. But as a person having a strong marketing background, I believe their wrong about this strategy. I mean why is the publication not reaching the provinces when we know for a fact that even if the television already reaches the outskirts of the country, it still hasn't reach everyone.

I remember back in those days when there was no t.v. in each house. You almost always will find a store that has KOMIKS FOR RENT in one of their commodities. There were a wide range to choose from then. WAKASAN was the only thing I can remember aside from FUNNY KOMIKS catered for kids. Wakasan was my favorite since you don't have to wait a week to know what happened next to the story you are trying to follow. But there were a number of it… LIWAYWAY, LUV (I think but I am not sure).

I happened to find one series at the Philippine Daily Inquirer. But it's just in black and white and I really want to get hold of a true copy of what they call KOMIKS nowadays.

I am very intrigued about how this industry would try to revive itself. But then again, they seem to have failed with one of the four P's of marketing… PLACE. There is no place you can find it.

Probably ONLY at the National Bookstore, as two or three of my friends said. Wow, I didn't think that they would market it that way. And, definitely not one thing I'd think of I'd be the one in-charge of its marketing ad campaign.

Can You Sleep While the Wind Blows?

Here's a beautiful story...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Last weekend was uneventful(again!!!!). Spent the rest of the week waiting for a feed of an essay that I was to try making. This meant a lot of internet time than the usual Tuesday-Friday visits.

Lacking any interesting movie at the movie channels on cable, I opted to rummage through my collection which I decided to leave when I left for Dubai. This was consisted of the movies from last year's Oscar's. And the movie of the day was "BABEL."

The story evolves on decisions we make which affects the life of the youth, not temporarily but permanently. It is so sad to think how the guardians' decisions change the life of the youth that depended on them. Adults are role models of the youth and they looked upon us to make decisions at their early age.

It was also clearly stated there that a lot of things that we overlooked might affect their lives forever. We get to be carefree a lot of times that we don't really take time to think how it's going to make or break their lives.

Access to a gun at an early age is not a thing to do. A child at play is a child at play. A gun is not a toy, whether it is made of plastic. It affects them physically and psychologically. This movie is a firm reminder of how we handle our responsibilities to the youth.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Internet Friday

Yesterday. The day was again conducive to slumber; I procrastinated instead. No need to hurry since I don't have much to do today. The show on t.v. was entertaining that it glued me on my seat for a little while.

Off I go. I got there and not found my favorite seat; near the wall and the socket for my Ace. I, instead took a seat in the middle and as usual, the very accommodating attendant assisted me in setting up. He was unusually helpful today; but so as with other days, I said to myself.

When I opened the cover/monitor of my laptop, you wouldn't believe what I saw… I felt as if all my hair on top of my head was gathered in one ponytail and hanged me by it! And I said, "Naisahan na naman ako ng kapatid ko!!!" and laughed out loud! And laughed out loud longer!

See, this is a prank that started years ago. She'll cut out the most popular figure/name/group/whatever during that time, and paste it concealed on one of my things, particularly the one that I'd be using for that trip/errand. She has her way of making sure that she does it when I am not anymore going to touch it; well, I choose to think that she chooses the time that I've already organized everything and was just taking a bath and get ready. Then, she'll just wait until I get home to tell her what happened and what time I discovered her crime.

The first time it happened, it was discreet. She pasted a picture of the group "Moffats" on the inside side of my closet's door. It was early morning before work that I discovered it and laughed out loud.

The next thing that I remembered (since it's either I forgot the other incidents or no crimes were committed at that time) was when I was dealing with my documents/papers before I left for Dubai. It was campaign times and she again, concealed one of the images of a candidate for vice-governorship for our province, slipped it in the backside of the plastic envelope I bring with me.

I am having laughs every time this happens. This has been always too funny to activate my irkness. It's just a plain prank that we both enjoyed; that my nephews enjoyed, too, when they were still living with us.

What's For Breakfast?

This morning. I've long craved for hotcakes. So, I saw to it that it's what I am going to get this Sat morning. I woke up just about the ideal time for me, and the weather seems to be cooperating; a little cloudy but no rain. The mixture would just be the usual instant thingy, but I suddenly remembered those days and how my mom prepares her home-made hotcakes; the recipe passed on through how many generations.

It was all done in a matter of minutes, and I served it not too hot because my dad is not a fan of steaming meals. This is not our usual breakfast of pandesal at kape, but it's the usual routine. We wait for 15 minutes because his prescription tells him so. We heat the coffee just in time for that.

We were eating one each. I cooked another extra just in case we want to indulge. Half way through our servings, I told my dad that we can share the other serving; just to indulge since this doesn't happen all the time. But my dad says no and ate all his servings. I was urging him to take the other half but he wouldn't; but asked me if I will get my other half. I told him no because I'm good with what I had. Then, he said, 'I could eat another serving because it's good, but it's too sweet for me. And besides, I've already tasted and that's good enough for me.'

If only… if only I have my dad's will! Do you know of a book called "The Art of Saying No to Good Foods?" E-mail me if you know one… LOL!


Friday, October 12, 2007

One Life

Yesterday, it took me over 30 minutes for what could have been just a 15-minute ride. I was rushing to get home in time for the early evening news, but I missed the headlines. For those who come from where I do, our river again claimed one more life. This time, a 10-year-old boy drowned and by the time I was stuck at the traffic, his body still wasn't found yet; and that must have been what caused the jam.

It has long since been I have heard about the legend that it claims one life every year. For several years now, the river was calm. If this legend is true, could it be that it relives? And if so, what triggered it?

Please warn your relatives to be more vigilant of their friends and relatives, especially the young ones who might have wandered for a quick dive and swim at the river, which is actually very tempting for kids.

Maligayang Bati

To all of you who celebrates this month....

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, happy birthday

Hope it was a blast!!!

BELATED to those who already have celebrated.
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