Saturday, October 30, 2010

What's Up This Week?

~ Gracia said that no matter how hard you try to chew on the fish's eye, it's still as hard as a rock.

~ I've been eating Guyabano (soursap) for a while now. It's been a part of my diet every now and then (just as long as it's available on the fruit stand, one will usually ends up as my dessert). One time this week, it was soooo sour that after eating it, I tried to 'erase' the taste with a stick of Chubby chocolate (local chocolate that's my favorite). The chocolate ended up tasting a bit sour. Arrccchhhh....

~ Even though I've always known that Martin Burnham died back in 2002 after the rescue, I still felt sad after reading through what they have been through and how he died that one rainy morning.

~ I changed my profile picture on Facebook. This time, I was holding a cat with me. A good friend of mine wrote on my wall: "Ang cuteeeeee!!!! Ng Pusa!!!!" Good thing she said it was the cat. Because I know that she would be kidding if it was me! LOL...

~ When watching 'Pilipinas Win na Win,' I can't help but think that the only original host left is Valerie. Valerie should be given a compensation of any kind for sticking it out with the show.

~ The same show above is not the same without Pokwang. That goes to say even before the series of 'reinventions.'

~ Update from a friend in Dubai: those delivery boys that 'live' on their bikes finally have protection. There's a law that says that they should wear a uniform (green over-alls) and safety helmet. I have always thought how these guys put their life on the line whenever they cross the streets of Dubai.

~ Did you hear about the Filipina domestic helper who stole things from her employer-on-vacation and tried to send the stolen things by cargo to the Philippines? I was saddened by the news. But I wonder how hard it was for her co-worker (a Filipina, too) who squealed that she was also lured to do the same but she declined.

~ I went to the town mall yesterday to watch the XB Gensan group perform. I thought I was too old for that stuff, but hey, I enjoyed!

~ Watching "Magkaribal" is even better with a pack of Marty's.... the white one!

~ I was in hiatus in doing field work for the project. The weather is so conducive to staying home. And I am thankful I still get to make the choices.

~ Still with the project, I still want to continue with the "My Teacher, My Hero" series even after October (which is the Teachers' month). But unfortunately, the one I wanted to put next in line is ignoring my messages. Why can't she just say no? To think that my admiration for her is just great!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Yellow Box

The morning of October 25.

I woke up early to take a morning walk at the sports complex.  It's been a while since I have done some early morning walks and I think I really must do it.

We hailed a jeep and this is what is in the middle.  I think we call it 'estribo.'
That's my leg sticking out because we didn't have enough room at the estribo
Side by side with the taho container sits our precious ballot box.  There were several teachers who were supposed to be having a break from class.  But instead, they had to stay up late the day before and woke up early this day to be of service to our country.

Their hair still wet from a bath they quickly took, they board the passenger jeepney loaded with several taho containers side by side their ballot boxes.  That was just past six o'clock in the morning.

I thought ahead of time.

Later on, they will have to do with cold, packed lunches.  Then, they will have to stay up late to count the ballots.  What a sacrfice.

Then, early evening, we will hear in the news.  The voters are sooooo pissed off and complaining because they didn't have a pen?

Jesus!  These teachers didn't even complain about what they had to give up for this day.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Is It The CBox? Or Is It Chrome?

I have been encountering some problems with browsing lately.  The images takes time to load, my sister had to keep on refreshing when she's playing Bejewelled Blitz, etc.  I didn't mind... maybe it's just the provider doing some upgrades or something.

But just this morning, I just published my post to the project and I got a Malware warning.  I wasn't even blog-hopping or accessing any website... not just yet.

Then, I thought it might probably the message that was left on my CBox.  The message came from someone posing as "Justine Beiber Hater."  And the message was, "OMG! I wish I never watch this video.  I'm hurt!" I'm suspecting that this is the one who has the Malware because that's the newest thing on my page, and I'm not even into other websites yet, other than my own.

So, to settle this problem that has been kind of going on lately, I am removing my chatbox on this website and the project.  It's not about chatbox, really.  It's about those people with malicious intents.

Then, this Chrome has been acting up lately.

I have been using Chrome for two years and I think these changes that they have made recently has started taking its toll.  The pages kept crashing and the images sometimes do not load.  I have been very comfortable with Chrome because of its features, the best being the big view of the page.  But if it keeps on giving me problems more than the comfort, then I am actually considering Firefox as of this writing.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Green Isn't Always GO

An OFW was killed in Dubai road accident  last week.

I'll tell you one thing I learned when I was there.

In Dubai, GREEN doesn't always mean GO.

Last March of 2009, it became a part of my job to always go out of the office for some field work.  This means that I was exposed to the unfriendly roads of Dubai.  I learned my lesson.  I blogged about one of the incidents I saw.  But that is minor compared to what happened to others, especially to this OFW.

I remember writing about another incident, too, but I'm not patient enough to search for it and writing it again is easier for me.

Early morning, I was in the island waiting to cross.  An RTA bus just made its full stop and I was just waiting for my walk light to turn green.  When all of a sudden, I heard a loud screech followed by a loud 'Bang!'  It was a car hitting the back of the bus.  Because of the force of the impact, the bus jolted forward a few inches. A smoke came from the front of the car, and then, one by one, the passengers of the car went out.  The front of the car was totally wrecked.

I suddenly felt cold.  I didn't cross right away.  I felt very thankful that I didn't walk right away.  Otherwise, I might have been hit by that forward jolt caused by the impact.

I think what happened to this OFW could be what I have always been afraid of when crossing pedestrian lanes in crossings and stop lights.  Many drivers in Dubai attempt to beat the red light.  Only to end up stepping on their brakes a little too late, making their full stop sometimes in the middle of that X portion in the middle of the 'crossing.'  This means that by the time they pass the pedestrian lanes, they are still at half of their speed.

This time, I am saying this again.  This is something that I learned from those days of crossing one street to another.  Please do not cross the road until you see all the cars in front of all the lanes in full stop. At least this would mean that those cars aren't already trying to beat the red light.  Also, another safety precaution I took was to always cross at the far end of the pedestrian lane - far from those cars in front, just in case something like the above happened again.

Do not try to beat your 'walk light' either.  It's so not worth it.

From Someone Sitting on the Couch (But Not the Potato)

Dear Network,

Don't push the TRO.  The show, obviously trying hard to be how it was with your network, is not going anywhere.  If you watched it yesterday, the camera man couldn't pan out to the whole audience since they are not too many.  I think one section was just up to the second bleacher.

The question marks on the third roulette is very questionable.  The people couldn't see what's really inside.  It could also just be questions marks.  On your network, the calderos were opened one by one so we can see where the million pesos is.  But here, the rest of the question marks remain a question.

Aside from the host having a law suit with your network, the other guy with a laptop also had (almost had or still has?) a case with his former network.

That makes them two.

Oh well, these are just a few observations.

Someone sitting on the couch

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Photo of the Week: 24 Oct - 31 Oct, 2010

Tutubing Karayom (Damselfly)
I took this yesterday. I went out before lunch (and it was kind of hot) and was actually looking for a butterfly or a dragonfly. But I was really, really glad that this tutubing karayom (damselfly) crossed my path as if posing for a shot. I had several, and this is the most memorable. (This photo is also here.)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

What's Up This Week?

  • In case you haven't noticed, I added some more quotes in my page, "Between The Lines." I know I haven't been updating this for a while and you may have gotten tired visiting that place and seeing nothing new.
  • In case you haven't noticed, I added another link. Well, it was just yesterday, so it's like you didn't miss anything yet. Check it out! It's a collection of some of those photos that didn't make it to this blog, at least not yet for some of them.
  • Monday and Tuesday were definitely a stay-at-home day for me. It was rainy and I was too lazy.
  • I'm still with Martin and Gracia. Sheesh! Reading what happened to them was really tiring. What more was it to them? But I really admire the couple's faith and trust to the Lord. If you haven't check this book, I suggest you do. Just make sure you read about their faith and trust and not about all the hard things they have been through. All the goodness and greatness are written between the lines.
  • I was moved by this painting by Mathis Gothart Grunwald entitled, "The Mocking of Christ."
  • Remember our cat, Pidong? That feline who sleeps like us? Well, there are still a lot of photos like that. I just can't believe that he sleeps that way most of the time.
  • When I was a kid, I was already a little well, chubby, but I remember playing Chinese garter and luksong baka. But if I would be a kid these days, I don't think I still can, they have another version of the 'sport.'
This generation's version of 'Luksong Baka'
  • I had the second giveaway with the project. It was so exciting because I didn't get to know who the players are until after the draw. I asked them to just use their aliases to: (a) make it more exciting, and (b) to avoid accusations of being 'biased.' The winner turned out to be one of the project's awesome supporters. Please continue visiting the project because I am coming up with more things and more giveaways. The first wasn't a success at all. I guess it was a little hard.
  • I think I missed my "What's Up This Week?" last week.
  • I am thinking of taking off the C-Box because on my project, there was a guy who left a link that when I opened, led me to site with characters that looked like maybe Chinese or Korean or Japanese and I got afraid that maybe it's a form of Malware.
  • The update on the airplane suicide guy said that his resignation paper said that it was problems with his personal life. Well, personal life could mean that it maybe with his wife or someone else other than his wife, right? Also, it could be just a sort of an excuse to expedite his resignation. There were problems with his salary and he maybe wanting to go home really soon. Over there, you cannot afford not to pay the rent. Your kasera will really have a problem when you fail to pay it monthly.
  • The color purple also stands for saying "No To Bullying." I remember when I was a kid, someone from my class teases me all the time. He calls me elepante. As if he looks like Brad Pitt??? One time when I couldn't take it anymore, I hit him with my umbrella and the next day, he wasn't in school. The day after that, his mom came over and told the teacher that her son got sick with a fever because of what I did. What the EF? So, I told my teacher how this guy teases me almost everyday after class. The mom kept quiet and her kid stopped teasing me from that day on. Would you blame me now if I feel good that he ended up being someone he didn't dream of becoming? Because I'm sure he didn't want to do what he's doing now since he can't look at me straight in the eye whenever we came across each other at the streets. Well, the thing is, now, I learned to accept that Fat is Sexy (hahahaha!!!), but I don't think he has accepted that he is what he is now. My indulgence for the rant!
Pidong says, "Stop Bullying Kids!! Do you get me??"
Happy weekend everyone! And to all Pinoys, don't forget to vote and vote wisely on Monday!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thou Have Been Warned

I said, "Thou shall not come."

And you really shouldn't.

Gulf Air Flight 154 landed yesterday at the NAIA with yet another very bad news.  (Another because this is the same flight that carried that baby, George Francis, who was found in the plane's trash bin).  They found a man in one of the toilets after their routine checks before landing.  The man had a cord tied around his neck.  Initial news says it was suicide, but then, there will be further investigations.

The man, a Filipino, came from Abu Dhabi.  News said he worked there as an electrician for three months.  Only three months.

I have many questions when I heard the news.

What happened during those three months?  And why did he work for only three months?  Does he have the appropriate papers to work there?  If not, then this is probably the reason why he's coming home in three months' time.  If he has complete documents, then why did he come home?  Was the contract not met?  Or if it was met, I can only think of something worse than these things.  There are still a lot of questions. But, one thing is for sure...

There is something really wrong.

But how do we find out?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Like an Ant

I've been busy with the project.  I got a new look that I kind of ripped off from a template that I wanted so much but couldn't get because it's from WordPress and I need to have a host.  I did try it on free hosting but there were problems.  I still don't know if it is because it's free or if it is because I didn't have enough knowledge on these things.

But anyhow, I got the advertiser I have been pursuing.  Well, just one of them, but it's such a big deal for me.  I am hoping to go out and close some more once the bad weather goes away.  It's not that I am afraid of bad weathers.  I love walking in the rain.  But my weak knees and ankles is such a trouble for me that I am afraid I will slip and break a bone.  So, I just decided to let Megi do her thing while I fill up my brain with some goodies.   I had the chance to read the book that's long been overdue and two books that I got on sale this weekend are sitting and waiting in line.

We were invited to a kiddie party this weekend.  One of the parties I love to go to, whether it's at home or in a resto.  This time, it was at McDonald's.  I like the way they serve their food warm (not hot).  In fact, I was surprised that they served it warm at all.  I don't know if it's a normal thing for fast food chains during parties.  I already forgot how it was when I attended a few more years back.  But, right now, all I can say is that they gave me a good impression on this.  The timing was perfect, I guess.  With the party games and all, they were able to serve the food just warm enough for the guests to eat.  Although it's okay for me to eat it cold, I have always enjoyed warm food.

The bad weather made me stay home, yes, but of course, that itchy feeling of clicking my camera came yesterday.  It wasn't raining anymore, so I went out and searched for something to shoot.  Lately, I have been fascinated with close-up photography and I find it a little funny because it's not like I have a powerful camera. But then again, my camera has this close-up setting that I have truly enjoyed.  This time, I took a picture of an ant.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thou Shall Not Come

Trafficking Victims Find A Haven in Abu Dhabi and the shelter has been operating for two years already.

So far, it has been a shelter 100 people. A big or a small number, it's up to you.

Somewhere in Naif: where they say everything is cheap - even s*x. I took this shot during one of my client calls in 2008.

But as for me, it's small, becuase I believe that there are a lot more unaccounted for.

  • Those who have been forced to live the life that they didn't know - as sex workers or domestic helpers
  • Those who were not aware of the shelter and seeks home from their relatives and friends
  • Those who refuse to seek shelter and thus, sell themselves for food and shelter
  • Those that have expired visas and hiding from the authorities

So far, these are just situations that I know, having lived there for just two years. I was one of those countless people who went in the UAE on tourist visa all alone. All alone meaning not depending on anyone to find me a job or a home. Although I thought and still think that this is still the best way to go out of the country, I suggest that it's not the practical thing to do these days anymore. The rules have changed, and people need to know about this. It's not as easy to go to the UAE on tourist visa. And it never was easy. I guess, I, along with those countless people who tried, were just a little luckier than the rest. But don't do what we have done, because you might end up not being as lucky.

Just A Little Harder

The project is doing good.  I wouldn't say better, at least not yet.  I started to do the field work and go get them to learn about my site.  Aside from e-mail blasts and doing different strategies in gaining visitors to my site, I still hit the ground and personally talk about what it's all about.  This is a hard part.

But the harder part is getting people to support what I am trying to promote.  I know many of you will agree to this.  My fulfillment so far is that a few business that actually 'SEE' what it's all about has supported my site and really, a big 'KUDOS' to these people.  Then, the only mall here in our town, The Sunstar Mall, supported my cause and agreed to an exchange deal which I know would work to both our advantage.

It's amazing how I have come to know a little about some people in less than five minutes.  Once, I approached a fast food chain.  The manager didn't even sit down while talking to me.  Another didn't even ask me to sit down at all.  I say professionalism isn't taught in schools and doesn't come with the diploma nor the license.
To the people I have met so far:  You may not know me, but I have come to know a little bit about you.

To those people I have yet to meet:  Who knows, this might be the chance we've both been waiting for.

Everything is an experience.  I have the bike.  I only have to pedal just a little harder.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Take It From The Cat

I don't really know what's with this cat.  He was awake when I saw him this way.  Then he closed his eyes and stretched a little bit more, as if he didn't mind me getting closer with my camera aimed at him.  He acts as if he really wanted me to take a shot.  I guess he really likes to be photographed.  I guess there is something that he'd like to say.

Take it from the cat... It's a good life!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Photo of the Week: October 10-17, 2010

A Butterfly on a Yellow Bell

Last week, I remember I posted the photo, 'Raindrops and Flowers' as a way of testing my digicam in shooting drops of water. While I was hunting for that 'drops' that I think would have the effect, I was surprised to find this butterfly perched on the flower. I, then, asked myself, 'Do butterflies fly even when it's raining?' as I was start aiming for a shot. It stayed there for a while, allowing me to take some shots. This is one of those opportunities.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

What's Up This Week?

'fried' ice cream

  • Our dog, Pepe, prefers to each pandesal or monay (local bread) than dog food.
  • Update on my favorite Andok's Dokito chicken:  it even tastes better with Jufran catsup!!!
  • I thank God for giving me this life and the fact that I'm still living it right now.
  • Oh, I played Bejewelled Blitz again, and tadah!  I'm stuck with 216,000+.  I can't make it higher anymore.
  • The reason why I didn't believe in Santa Clause is becuae we don't have a chimney and none of our neighbors have.  I have always believed that Santa Clause enters houses thru chimneys.
  • Ever since I bought cotton candy, I am craving for it.
  • I bought a newspaper!  Yes, this is siginificant because I can't even remember the last time I got my hands inked and I actually miss it.
  • I am craving for pichi-pichi for a long time now, but I still can't bring myself to cook it... because I'll be cooking it for the first time.  I don't know where to buy the good ones eh.
  • We didn't have to worry about the gravy that goes with Dokito.  Our dog, Pepe, loves it with rice!
  • Someone asked me if I'm 'photo-shop-ing' my pictures.  I said, "NO! I don't even know how to use it!  I only know how put my signature, that's all."  She didn't believe so I said, 'I swear with all my life I don't.'  She kept quiet.
  • I saw this from Discovery channel yesterday:  It's confirmed that playing dead when in shark-infested waters will save your life.
  • I was at the mall yesterday and saw this fried ice cream.  I talked to the 'chef.'  I found out that fried ice creams are 'cooked' on that pan with a temperature of 0 degrees.  Well, that isn't my concept of 'fried' at all.  Frying for me is when you cook something with oil.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Don't Disturb a Sleeping Cat

A big yawn
Our neighbor's cat, Pidong, was stretching after we woke him up.  He is so comfortable sleeping on that doormat that belongs to our cat, his Kuya Budoy.  Pidong's previous name was Basiang, but we found out from his owner that his name is Pidong.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

When The Dog Bites, When The Bee Stings

Apples and pears and everything else

♫ ♪Cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudles
Doorbells and sleighbells ♫♪ and schnitzel with noodles
Wild geese that fly with the moon ♫♪ on their wings
These a re a few of my favorite things.♪♫

I went out yesterday to start the field work part of my project.  I had a good time.  I couldn't resist to take a shot of the presentation.  And now, when I was trying to put my "signature" on the photo, the song started playing in my head and wouldn't stop, even though I don't know the words.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Shifting To A New Audience

I know the old ad may still be fresh with you, but you probably haven't seen the new one just yet.  So, I'll start this post by asking:  Do you remember the old coffee creamer ad?

Let me draw you a picture:  there's a couple sitting in front of each other in a very cozy setting.  I think she is in her satin clothing and the guy is in linen.  There were no words, just a couple of uhm's and ah's as a sort of disagreement to adding another teaspoon of the coffee creamer.

To me, it seemed that they are relaxing on a Sunday morning, reading the papers and all.  I am not sure though whether it's a garden or a lannai - but one thing is for sure, they both looked like they're rich.  Or in my opinion, that's what the ad was trying to make it look like.  And I guess it was effective because I saw it that way.

Last night, I saw their new commercial.  I think it's just a fifteen-second ad.

The setting?

A sari-sari store. (For my foreign readers, a sari-sari store is a small retail store within the community that sells small amounts of goods such as cooking oil, vinegar, and other daily needs.  You can see images of sari-sari stores here.)

The girl was inside the store selling a sachet of the coffee creamer to the guy at the other side of the counter.  This time, I think what they're trying to say is that the guy is courting the girl.


What caught my attention is the difference in the settings between the old and the new ad.  This new setting, I think, suggests that the coffee creamer is now trying to reach a new set of audience.  A different marketing strategy during these times.

A Few Thoughts From Yesterday

Pilipinas Win na Win's OMG portion is really crap. The OMG item the other day was a pair of tsinelas (slippers or flip-flops). And what was the theme? Ang hinahanap natin ngayon ay mga bagay na karaniwang nakikita sa beach (Today, we are looking for the things most commonly found at the beach). I think they really do not want their contestants to win. This is more manipulating than the Cash Bukas portion of "Wowowee." If you say what is the most common thing you find at the beach, then, will it be a pair of tsinelas? It would have been something like a lotion or a beach towel or a dried star fish or sea shells. But tsinelas? For me, the people behind the show are just making themselves look stupid. Have you observed the audience's reaction when the computer marks the board "X." They are quiet... with disbelief.

Raindrops and Flowers
I thought my Saturday will just be a regular day. But it wasn't. A very good friend of mine told me about this medical mission going on as we spoke, at the Cultural Center of Laguna, so I went there to take a look at what's happening. It was already about 11:00 and there were still a lot of people seeking assistance. One of the volunteers told me that they were supposed to be there until 12:00 noon, but from the looks of it, they might stay until late afternoon. There were actually two medical missions happening yesterday. One was at the covered court of the municipal hall and that was organized by the PGMHS Batch 1980 group. Please correct me if this is wrong. I just saw one of the banners. I think this is the most practical activity to organize nowadays. Our provincial hospital has been very busy with a lot of dengue cases lately apart from other emergency cases, and it's just good that those with other cases can go to this activity. Of course medical missions do not serve as replacements from hospitals, but it would sure be a lot of help.

I wanted to go out at an earlier time to take some pictures. I wanted to take the opportunity of the perfect light on taking photos. But it was raining and I could always wear a raincoat but my camera will get wet. So, the furthest I could go was between our front door and our gate. I thought of testing my camera's limitations again. This time, how it will capture those droplets of water that form on almost everything that the rain falls on. And the picture above is what I got. Not bad for a rainy day, right? And for a camera as limited as mine. Then,

I thought of this quote:

"You can buy the camera, but not the eye to take photos."
If someone else coined this before me, then I give credit to him/her. But if not, consider this as my quote.

Friday, October 1, 2010

What's Up This Week?

  • I was supposed to do this in the morning, but I got half-busy and half-lazy. It was drizzling when I woke up and it's just so inviting to stay in bed longer.
  • For this week, I've been busy working entirely on my own. But I'm glad to know that the moment I asked for some friends' help, they are very happy to support my new project.
  • My new project is Please visit the site. A comment would be appreciated. Sharing it to your other friends will really make me smile to the max. Thank you!
  • I never believed that Santa Clause really exists, until I was older.
  • I just submitted my third article on this get-paid-to-write thing. And the site will be in hiatus next week. I guess the reviewers got sleepy reading my article.
  • I need to learn to put this quote into practice: "Better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubts." ~ Mark Twain
  • I'm really sorry if you kept on seeing changes in the website. But right now, I assure you, this will stay for long because I am now satisfied with the way it looks. I hope you are, too, dear reader.
  • I learned that the english term for our local 'calamansi' is musk lime. If you're a late-bloomer like me, now you know, too!
  • Did you know that Martin and Gracia Burnham lived in Malaybalay, Bukidnon for eight years? Now, you do.
  • I was surfing the tv channels and stopped awhile on the 'Living Asia Channel.' I learned that the beautiful Camiguin Island is an island that was formed by a cluster of volcanoes.
  • It's only 25 days before the elections. Damn! I can't vote!
  • On cameras, all I wanted is a Nikon D40.
  • Get this: do you know who Gelay 'Punit' Agustin is? I just couldn't help but notice that in almost every episode of 'Magkaribal' these days, she kept on tearing papers.
  • Who the effin' shit has thought of putting all these 'gurangs' in Pilipinas Win na Win? Especially the very rude and R-18 guy, Rico J. Puno. Oh dear, it's a lunchtime show...
  • Malware, malware and more malware in those blogs I visit... I'm getting tired of visiting websites these days because of this.
  • Do you know that in Batanes, windows and doors are only placed on the three walls of their houses? The only wall that doesn't have a window nor a door is the side that's facing the direction where the typhoons come from.
  • Do not believe everything you watch. The next time someone asks you where they can have their fridge repaired, don't tell them what "Pilipinas Win na Win" showed yesterday. When you need to have your fridge repaired, you go to the shop with a sign, "Refrigeration and Air Conditioning," and not in an "Electronics Repairs" shop. Where are the researchers of this show get their results?
  • For me, a birthday party is livelier when you have balloons, even if it's the 85th.
  • To all celebrators this mont of October, "HAPPY BIRRTHDAY!"

Photo of the Week: October 1-7, 2010

He's Coming To Town

Paete is home to the makers of the famous 'taka' or paper mache. Some time this month, one of my trips there greeted me with stores that changed their displays.


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