Monday, November 19, 2007


I tried to stop myself from falling asleep as I have known me to be that way. I wanted to see as much good movies on the list as I can because I love watching movies and I believe that this is the ultimate time to see as much as my senses would allow. It was a nine-hour straight flight and I only saw "Hairspray" and almost more than half of Nemo. The rest of the times I was ehem, asleep… LOL…

My stewardess-friend asked me when I met her the day before I left how I respond to flying. I said it was like bad trip since di ko nga mapanood yong ibang movies. She said that was good instead of suffering some motion sickness or any other bad things. The last time I had a lot of choices and a lot of time but I only did see 'The Pursuit of Happyness' and 'Blood Diamond.' there were a lot more but I was so sleepy most that I couldn't help myself. Even funnier is that I noticed that the lady who sat beside me during the flight wakes me up when it's time to eat… LOL!

Anyway, so much for that…

We left at around 7.30pm and landed at 11.55pm as I heard the captain said as the plane taxied along the tarmac. We were also informed that we had to ride the shuttle bus to transport us from the plane to the arrivals area. That's how big Dubai airport is. Well, as far as I know, that is. It took us almost two hours to pass through the Immigrations. But not because there were so many questions. There WERE so many passengers!

So this is it… I am now back in Dubai back to a life that I wouldn't have imagined but came to like in spite of its imperfections. This life that brings hope of a better life again… after a roller coaster ride through those thirty-nine years of happiness, laughter, tears, love.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Kudos to the one who made this video! What an imagination..

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


It was already around 10.00 when I decided to go to my designated precinct. But I had myself ready for whatever would be the outcome. I didn't want to overexcite myself only to find out that I couldn't express my right.

Anyway, I've always remembered where my 'room' is. I went there straight so that I would have enough time just in case the line would be long. But there wasn't a line. There were people though, swarming over this list that would determine if you indeed belong to that room. This was how it went... always. You will have to squeeze yourself in order to get the chance to see your name. But mine wasn't there as it has always been.

I tried the next, and the next and the next. Nothing. Then in the room at the far side of the school's entrance, I saw my high school classmate, Nenita. I asked her if they still hold the same list as before. She said there were a little changes so I might not belong to the room I've come to know. But I had to confirm one thing though.

2005. I was disenfranchised. This means that my name was taken off the list. I discovered this because that election, I voluntered as a PPCRV/COMELEC officer. I got to hold a list of voters a day before the elections and was wondering why my name wasn't there. The fact that I thought that there was no need to register yet since I have been voting every elections gave me the idea that probably it was my fault that I didn't re-register. Off I went at the precinct that I was assigned to (which was where I was registered) and gave in to the fact that I couldn't vote that time.

2.00 p.m. that day. We were surprised that another set of list came out that late. Why was there another list at such a late time? I was asking myself. I as even more surprised when I learned that I was in this second list! I wasn't able to vote since I was head of the whole school and the situation was so busy at that time because counting was to start in less than an hour and we are not to leave our posts. But part of my responsibility was to make myself visible in all of those 15 or more precincts in that school to make sure that all problems would be dealt with. This, and the fact that I lost my enthusiasm to vote in such a cramped time were the reasons why I didn't vote.

I was disenfranchised.

2007. Last May, I wasn't able to vote because I was out of the country.

I found out through my classmate that your name would automatically be deactivated and taken out of the list if you didn't vote for the past two consecutive elections. That is the reason why I wasn't able to vote this Oct. 29 local elections.



Ahn Pearl, 6; Verna, 19; Menchie, 19; Ayie, 25; Daya, 26; Daryll, 27

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