Monday, March 31, 2008

A Certain Sadness

Nowadays, it is such a very rare occasion that I have the chance to be out of the office during sunset. Last Thursday was one of the rare occasions.

I was in the bus at about 6.00 as the sun was setting. I always have this melancholic feeling during these times. I still have. But thoughts rushed in. I was thinking about those things that bring melancholy.

Those relationships that didn't work, friendships that were lost, mistakes committed and things as such.

But then, during the ride, it sank in... in a very different way now.

It suddenly came upon me that although sunsets make me feel lonely because of these things, I should take it differently. Sunsets mean a day is ending. But after sunset comes sunrise. And just like it, sunsets should make us forget those things and look forward to a better tomorrow. Look forward for another day to make relationships work, to renew friendships and correct our mistakes.

A certain sadness, yes... but not quite... not anymore... after last Thursday.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's Time

Every morning, I passed by a construction site on my way to the bus stop. I happened to notice this a few mornings ago. I was thinking what are those plastics and why they were there.

Since I wasn't in hurry to catch the bus and I have enough time to figure it out, I stopped and took a picture, thinking that it would help me solve this puzzle I created in my mind.

Then, suddenly, it occured to me...

These are lunches of those workers on the site...

So, every morning after that day, I glance at this place and see. At some point, it gave me a sense of time. If there were only a few lunches, that means I am a little early. If there are more, time to hop-run to the stop... lest I want to miss the bus.

Monday, March 3, 2008


This blog actually reminded me of this.

Two Thursday nights ago, my room mate might have gotten bored since I couldn't be company while doing my laundry. She, then, kind of like asked permission to me that maybe it's a good idea for some videoke. But in a joking way, I told her to sing "Lupang Hinirang" before she started. Isn't it that the thing to start with during concerts? She said she couldn't remember all they lyrics. And I told her try to recall.

As she wa singing, trying to remember each stanza, I was doing it in my mind, too, while doing the laundry. And, I, too, got ashamed of myself somehow that I couldn't sing it straight to the end. I repeated it several times (embarrassed that I lost count) until I could sing it from beginning to end.

Last Thursday, again, while doing my laundry, we tried singing it and went all the way to the end. And I told her, "let's start doing this every Thursday, at the least."

Maybe we should all do.

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