Saturday, September 4, 2010

Photo of the Week: September 4-11, 2010

Paragos (Filipino Sledge)
I have heard of this when I was a kid. And as an adult, I wanted to see one. But not really to hold it or use it. I just wanted to see one and get a picture of it.

Then came the Anilag Festival of 2007.

I saw this paragos (Filipino sledge) in one of the exhibit boots.

The paragos is made of wood and is drawn by the kalabaw (carabao or water buffalo). It used to be a means of transportation for our natives; not just for produces but humans, too.

It is just one of those many things that make me feel Filipino. It has the ability to make me think back years before I was even born. The paragos takes me back to those old movies of simple life like they showed in those old movies. People living in a nipa hut in the middle of a ricefield with a mountain on the background.

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